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"even if the morrow is barren of promises, nothing shall forestall my return."
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  • So Demotivating

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    i don't even understand how people have the time for the amount of dungeons we have including alts. Let alone having unlimited dungeons. Unless you're a retiree, high school drop out, or an extremely rich person that doesn't need a full time job. Having the dungeon set up we have now and Nov update should be enough.

    Usually college/university students who don't give a damn about their GPAs. Trust me, they will regret so hard later when they flunk out of college/university due to poor marks. People that have full time job, and students that have dedicated mind in their academics, will never have enough time to play multiple alts. Sometimes, it's a good to prioritise what's more important in your life. Typically, these people learn their lesson way too late in their life. They just have to learn the hard way.

    I only have the time for one character at a time, hence why even if I have multiple 60s I'll only ever use one for a given set of time, because I can't do more than the one.
  • "Recent Incident With our Staff" by Jungsoo Lee

    Thank you for keeping us involved and aware of the situation @NXACuddles


    While I can't say that I know of the MS1 and Mabinogi eras that you mention, I do know of the Combat Arms era and a lots of mistrust and bad feelings involved with several executive decisions involving that line of Nexon, so this is definitely a good feeling to see such transparency.
  • Gawerty here

    Hey guys! My online alias is Gawerty, and I've been playing MS2 for a few days now; I'm usually the kind of guy who likes to be active within the community platforms, I play Maplestory 2 as a way to do something that isn't just real-life business, I work a ton, and Maplestory 2 currently is my outlet to getting some fun in my life; One of the things I enjoy most is helping people out; I like to be the kind of guy who people can approach with questions they have, or problems they need help with. This kind of thing originated when I was younger in another community, and it's stuck with me since. :^)

    Nowadays I have a lot of trouble letting myself get into games, I always hear random little things that turn me off of a game I may be enjoying currently; but I haven't heard that yet here; so it's kind of interesting to see where the game will go.

    I did originally start on NA-WEST, but I don't really recall having done-so, like, I didn't really notice any issues playing, but I did deal with the infamous 10053 error every 30 minutes or so; however, once I reinstalled windows 10, I fixed the issue for the most part, now it's only happened twice in 3 days.

    Now however, I plan to move to NA-EAST since I do live closer to that location and a lot of my IRL friends play on NA-EAST. So, with that said, NA-EAST players can expect me to be around! :)

    I'm really liking the game so-far, enough to actually get invested, which is a good thing for me.

    I'm excited for the future.