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  • Big Props To Nexon For Standing Up Against SJWs

    Lol yes because this game is totally "for the kids".
  • Premium Club, Dungeon Limits, Pay2Win VS Free2Win


    I'm more than aware of what P2W means you asked for exp gains to be increased for premium by 3x which is P2W in a horrible way. Most of your suggestions were to buff the already P2W aspects of premium.

    The premium is about $5 a month so to me I would like to see it remove the P2W aspects of premium such as gaining extra mesos and exp and replace it with a style crate box. To me that's not bad it gives lots of other stuff for a low enough price so it encourages more people to actually buy the premium because if I enjoy a F2P game enough I'll spend some money on it if I feel it's fair if more customers feel they are getting a better deal more will buy into it which is a far better practice in the long term then just giving whales immediate satisfaction.
  • Premium Club, Dungeon Limits, Pay2Win VS Free2Win

    Aynix wrote: »
    You know P2W isnt just "fancy cash shop item enchantments that break the game"? BDO is great example of this.
    "Oh we are adding buff that just gives you more exp"
    "Oh we are adding buff that increase your drop as well, but thats just this!"
    "Guess what, more buffs in cash shop!"
    After ~1.5 year the diffrence between "free" player and someone who is buying all this thing is so huge its no suprising so much people quit it. (and no, there are still no "fancy cash shop item enchantments that break the game" in it)

    I heard that game died overnight the moment they added P2W.
  • Make costumes tradable? Please?

    Hard nope from me.

    Allowing trade-able cosmetics ingame for mesos will make the game very easily pay2win. What's to stop me from buying outfits just to sell them for mesos? I'd literally be converting my money into mesos, which I can use to gear up, enchant, etc. ridiculously faster than a F2P player. That is P2W, and that idea can screw right off.

    If you can't afford, then you can't afford it. That's all it is. If you can't find or job or make money because of your living situation, that's just tough luck. It sucks, but life isn't fair. You deal with the hand you've been dealt. If you really want something that badly, save up. I'm sure you can manage to save a few bucks at least a few bucks every month. If you can't manage that, then I'm sorry you're stuck in that situation but there isn't a convenient solution that won't hurt the game.

    I hate to burst this bubble but this game is already P2W what exactly do you call the fishing vouchers? Not even just those but all the vouchers or even mounts you pay to get an advantage over somebody who doesn't pay that's P2W. You can get rare equips from fishing so being able to buy something that makes it easier to get fishing mastery is P2W.

    We also have to address the other elephant in the room the fact that you're paying 50-70$ for what is essentially a skin. We going to pretend that's reasonable? That costs more than what my utilities and internet bill cost for the month I have seen you post about how you bought these boxes do you honestly believe that is an acceptable price for a skin? $20 is extreme, but 50-70? Even if you do have the money you have to consider the ethics behind supporting a terrible practice.
  • Make costumes tradable? Please?

    Neihel wrote: »
    one major flaw with your idea is that people will directly purchase the premium items from other players using paypal like what's happening to TF2

    a game called super monday night combat had that issue as well with premium items being tradable and people just paypal traded those and that game ended up stopping development completely

    Except any game I've seen with this model was doing just fine as long as they didn't manage to mess up the game somehow. The game you mentioned shut down because of legal reasons that were completely unrelated to what you are saying I can even pull up an article on it right now. This system has never killed a game in any shape or form TF2 is doing just fine.