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  • Unobtainable Mini-Game Trophies

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    I too have brought the issue up multiple times on these forums about character-bound trophies with ridiculously high goals that will take years. I dont even see my self participating let alone winning mini-games more than 500 times at best.

    If they had made these trophies account-bound though I wouldnt complain.

    There are a lot of trophies that need to be reconsidered and looked over.

    There is a trophy to be logged in for 3 years real-time in each character for example


    You know, I'm okay with that last one...I mean, there should be a handful of trophies are based on length of time playing...though 3 years per character rather than account bound is tough.

    These mini-game ones though would take even longer than that. You have to take so much into consideration.

    For EACH mini-game you would have to play only ONE minute which involves you not even getting to play the game (which would make you ineligible for the other trophy that is granted for WINNING) the game.

    So, if you are actually playing the mini-games the way they are intended to be played...which is what, say 5 minutes? Then each of these trophies would take 5x the amount of time than the math that was done in the comment above, which was more than a year. We're now at 5 years per each of these trophies...and that's for trying to win the game EVERY time it pops up in 24 hours.

    We should then get more realistic and say you play the mini-game 8x per day (which is still to most people pretty unrealistic tbh). We're now at, what, 15 years it would take for just ONE of these trophies with "normal" gameplay?

    These minigames trophies need a serious rework they are completely unfeasible in their current state I might make a thread about what new amounts to get them should be.
  • Dance Dance Stop?...

    How do you even play that game lol? I only played it once but had absolutely no clue what was going on or what I was supposed to be doing.

    Best tips I can give is these three.

    Find a yellow square with around 2 people at the start and whatever you do don't move unless you absolutely have to trying to find another spot is almost guaranteed to make you lose if there isn't another option right next to you.

    Don't go for the bonus red squares it's suicide because people constantly move in and out.

    People will screw you over on a one square just because they are going to lose attempt to avoid them at all costs.
  • Elixirs can now be bought with Merets. P2W topic.

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    It doesn't matter if they're necessary it matters if they give an advantage or not which they obviously do if it gives an advantage in any shape or form it's P2W.

    How is it “pay to win” if no one is paying for something you can get for free? Like think about it for a second, in a game about cosmetics, who is going to spend real money on potions?

    PvP? Hahaha

    Dungeons/raids? Hahaha no, it’s what priests are for and even if you don’t have a priest, it’s what learning mechanics is for so you don’t need to heal.

    Really now, does anyone here know anyone who’s bought the elixirs from the premium shop?

    Lastly, this isn’t even anywhere near being remotely “pay to win”

    Pay to win is anything that gives an advantage if you pay over somebody who doesn't elixirs fall into that definition 100%. Sure you can get it for free, but it's going to take you a lot longer than the person who did pay for it that's an advantage. Let's take star wars battlefront 2 for example you could get anything for free, but it took longer than anybody else who paid and they came with advantages. Sure it's not essential to have these things, but those who do buy them have an advantage over those who don't.

    If "nobody" is paying for those elixirs like you claim they aren't then why is it on the store? Because they're selling that's why. Downplaying them doesn't make them not P2W. Simple question yes or no are you able to progress through the game faster and have advantages in it with these elixirs? The only thing you have given is "they're not a big deal" which doesn't change what they are they're still P2W.

  • Elixirs can now be bought with Merets. P2W topic.

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    This has ALWAYS been there you just never looked. There’s nothing wrong with an HP pot being sold for merets. Like holy Jesus the p2w witch hunt continues

    If you can use these elixirs during chaos raids, hard dungeons, and pvp, then there is everything wrong with them. It means people who don't buy merets will not have access to the floodgates of immediate healing that those who buy merets do.

    On top of that, these are percent based healing. Which means that they will always be relevant and better over regular potions that only do a set number of healing.

    I think you are diminishing the issue when this issue needs to be raised. :/

    Your argument is predicated off the assumption that elixirs are both necessary for content and also not available to the f2p market. This is not true. I still have a large stack sitting in my inventory without a single meret being put towards them, and I rarely use them, if at all.

    For shadowlands, I stick close to the safe points for free healing, and I usually buddy up with a priest for actual portals, which makes pots lose all meaning. I can't comment on PvP as I don't enjoy or participate in open-world and the actual 1v1 mode is disabled atm, but for hard dungeons, they are really not necessary. I rely much more on herbs to counteract damage over time effects and any chip damage I may take here or there. In emergencies, the 800 and 1200 HP pots work fine for when I derp out and eat a Fire Dragon blast to my face.

    If someone is bad enough that they need to shell out merets to buy HP consumables, spam it as if this it MS1 and clear content that way, then let them; its money that keeps the game running. All that matters is there is no content that absolutely forces you to use elixirs, and it's not like elixirs (or their alternatives) are locked out for the F2P population.

    It doesn't matter if they're necessary it matters if they give an advantage or not which they obviously do if it gives an advantage in any shape or form it's P2W.
  • Dance Dance Stop?...

    Honestly no I haven't seen that, but the amount of people who screw over the person on a 1 space is immense.