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    This thread to complain about the limit or to brag about how many friends you have?
  • Petition to Remove Fair Fight

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    I don't understand why some people are so against playing the game. Some of the arguments stated above makes sense in terms of wanting to feel progression and I agree with some of them. But the majority of the argument for the removal of Fair Fight simply boils down to wanting to skip contents - It's almost as if they want to put in work and effort to obtain better gears just to be exempt from participating in content they deemed boring or tedious. Devaluing or trivializing content like this is how you create a game full of contents and nothing to do.

    What is the point of having a Knight or a Priest in your party if Fair Fight is removed? Just go full DPS and clear the map in 2 mins, assuming you are geared enough and the dungeon mechanic doesn't required multiple class/players.
    The game should not cater to those wanting fast clear at the cost of trivializing contents. At some point the power creep will become so extreme that there will little point to engage the community and party and this goes against the core principles of Maplestory 2. There are many ways to enable players to feel "progression" without resorting to the removal of Fair Fight.

    Developers should not listen to a subset of small but vocal minority aiming to sabotage the game play experience for the rest of the player base. Player should not be allowed to bypass content. They should have the right to choose to participate in the said content, however they should never be allowed to not participate and still receive the benefit.

    Introduce a soft cap to enable progression or relax the criteria at which Fair Fight comes into play , but do not remove Fair Fight.

    Note: The current false information of "Given the same gear and skill investment, a level 60 does less damage than a level 50 to a particular boss" is completely false and fabricated by those with an agenda. I've tested this myself with 4 Berserkers at different levels and being a higher level does not make you do less damage to a boss (Tested on Fire Dragon). I am mentioning this because this is what I believed until I tested it myself.

    This spread of false information is shameful and needs to stop. The developer should come out with the exact detail breakdown of how Fair Fight is being applied to clear up this misunderstanding.

    It's the majority actually and they made most of the content trivial when they decided to level you past every dungeon until level 50. I play a knight and I was punished for going off the main quest line by doing things like exploring, minigames, and life skills gaining exp and overleveling which punished me in the regular dungeons why am I being punished for leveling up isn't that the opposite of what should happen in an RPG? It's not just here people on reddit have calculated the numbers and shown that yes you are punished for leveling to 60 Nexon has already acknowledged it to be a problem and are looking into it.
  • Maplestory 2 Adult Players?

    Oh so I'm not welcome on your lawn am I?
  • I don't understand the level progression

    I got to say I was a little disappointed by how fast it was as well a part of me wonders if they only did this for global because you see that the regular quests around the world give so little exp and don't scale to your level while the life skills do and the main quest gives a ton of exp making me think they didn't want you to even bother exploring there is so much of the map you don't even touch if you just follow the main story. I think there is even a job trainer that has been made pointless because they just gave us the job right away I think they were so concerned with the game being seen as tedious and grindy that they went the other extreme which was make levels not matter. The first maplestory seemed more tedious because there was a lot less variety of what you could do in it when compared to this game which could have easily helped supplement the grind by making it so you weren't just focusing on grinding the whole time.
  • Elixirs can now be bought with Merets. P2W topic.

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    It doesn't matter if they're necessary it matters if they give an advantage or not which they obviously do if it gives an advantage in any shape or form it's P2W.

    How is it “pay to win” if no one is paying for something you can get for free? Like think about it for a second, in a game about cosmetics, who is going to spend real money on potions?

    PvP? Hahaha

    Dungeons/raids? Hahaha no, it’s what priests are for and even if you don’t have a priest, it’s what learning mechanics is for so you don’t need to heal.

    Really now, does anyone here know anyone who’s bought the elixirs from the premium shop?

    Lastly, this isn’t even anywhere near being remotely “pay to win”

    Pay to win is anything that gives an advantage if you pay over somebody who doesn't elixirs fall into that definition 100%. Sure you can get it for free, but it's going to take you a lot longer than the person who did pay for it that's an advantage. Let's take star wars battlefront 2 for example you could get anything for free, but it took longer than anybody else who paid and they came with advantages. Sure it's not essential to have these things, but those who do buy them have an advantage over those who don't.

    If "nobody" is paying for those elixirs like you claim they aren't then why is it on the store? Because they're selling that's why. Downplaying them doesn't make them not P2W. Simple question yes or no are you able to progress through the game faster and have advantages in it with these elixirs? The only thing you have given is "they're not a big deal" which doesn't change what they are they're still P2W.

    This is kinda my pet peeve because generally the people who are wrong about p2w are wrong because they use the wrong definition... Pay to win is anything that gives an advantage to a paying player THAT CANNOT BE ACHIEVED by a non paying player.Pay to convenience or pay to skip is generally a feature that helps speed the user through content or some quality of life that can still be achieved through a larger time investment by non paying players. P2W is game breaking mechanics/content that basically turn free players into content for paying players. P2C content does not break the game and is achievable by free players with more effort. Using your line of reasoning under your understanding of P2W then the founders headstart would HAVE to be P2W in which you already knew the game was completely P2W so why are you posting about it now? Or whats more likely is for some reason youve blown through all your elixers and found out the only way to get more was merets... Which even that... Im not sure how you did that... Im 3.1k GS on my runeblade and havent touched a single elixer 25% or 50%... Stop standing in fire...

    The definition I gave of P2W is the right definition just because the F2P player can achieve it doesn't make it not P2W I don't know where you are getting that idea. Star wars battlefront 2 was heavy P2W and F2P could get everything a P2W player could it was P2W because they paid to have an advantage of skipping the grind that's an aspect of P2W. I have been complaining about P2W on games for years and I didn't just start complaining about it on here this isn't the first time I've talked about it on here.

    I get I'm on a Nexon game talking about P2W and the fact that this games P2W is pretty light by Nexon standards, but I'm not going to justify any form of P2W no matter how light it is because you give them an inch they will take a mile it happens every time. If you want the game to not go the same way maplestory 1 did you should be talking more about it and what is considered acceptable and not acceptable because if it's always brushed off as being "not a big deal" they're going to push it farther because you keep saying it's fine.

    Let me ask you an honest question how far would you say is going to far on maplestory2 when it comes to P2W?