During the October event period, the Escaped Moon Bunny world boss spawns at the following times:

NA West: 02:30 AM - 05:30 AM UTC
NA East: 11:30 PM - 02:30 AM UTC
South America: 10:30 PM - 01:30 AM UTC
Europe: 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM UTC
Oceania: 08:30 AM – 11:30 AM UTC



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  • MS2 made my top 5...

    Xionicomad wrote: »
    The constant RNG upon RNG made me leave the game.

    I want to play a game, not a slot machine.

    You'll have a hard time finding a game without rng elements nowadays. I wish you the best of luck.

    Tbh I’ve never seen a game with this much RNG before
  • RE: Mannequin Exploit

    One of my friend actually did this, and he said he doesn’t care because he spend fair amount of money in this game, and there’s no way that Nexon will perm ban him because they will lose a loyal customer. Which I think it’s true. I’m not gunna quit if they don’t perm ban but I don’t think I will be spending any money in this game anymore knowing people always cheat and they can get away.
  • RE: Mannequin Exploit

    Kiymori wrote: »
    I haven't read the other thread, and clearly, you haven't read this one very thoroughly to have missed it twice by now.
    You're also misrepresenting what I said. I said, I would leave, and many others will as well.

    I also made an effort to illustrate I'm not speaking for them, on behalf of them or in any capacity other than what I've heard many say themselves.

    It's also interesting, that you're intentionally inflammatory by encouraging me to leave, before the resolution has come around.

    It's further intriguing that you would be inflammatory when you claim to be of the same mindset that you "would not recommend anyone stay in an environment or game that is disturbing their experience". Yet here I am, telling Nexon quite directly that being too lenient on these exploitative cheaters, will interrupt / disturb many players experience.

    So unless you earnestly want to argue that these cheaters shouldn't receive a permanent ban, stop trolling people to such a degree that people can call you out half an hour before you even respond, doing exactly what they claimed you would. You're predictable to a saddening degree.
    I'm going to get straight to the point, Nexon, if you don't perma ban the players Cheaters who abused this, I am done with your game, and a LOT of others are too.

    Ok let me address the bold parts one by one:

    1.Ok I have quoted your original post and that is exactly what you said. If that is NOT what you meant that is ON YOU to correct, not me. How do I misinterpret someone explicitly stating they would leave the game 'if you don't perma ban the players Cheaters who abused this, I am done with your game, and a LOT of others are too'. You can't turn around now say I misinterpreted you because one, you have not told me NOW what you actually meant and two, you made a clear statement. At the bare minimum, the only thing you can even say is that section of your post is completely misleading from what you would actually do or meant to say which again, isn't my fault I can't read your mind. Now if you had said 'I would feel like quitting' that's totally different story and I would accept responsibility for misinterpreting you, but there isn't room for misinterpretation here.

    2.I never said you were, I am asking you where you got the idea 'lots would leave', you made the statement so yes, you are now speaking on behalf of the 'lot of people' even if it's unintentional(If you had said 'I know some people that are ready to leave due to xyz reason', then I am with you on that fully). However, in my post I was merely asking you what evidence you had to support this.I am on your side here I just need actual facts before I can jump on the bandwagon.

    3.Wrong, here is my quote for you ''If you get upset that Nexon doesn't handle the bans the way YOU think they should and that is grounds for you quitting then quit.''That's not before the resolution that's AFTER the resolution, keep in mind, I am assuming nexon is going to ban them. And based on what you said, I am standing behind your decision to leave. Remember I didn't say anything about leaving the game due to this incident, you did, and I will fully support you in that if that is your choice, I am not sure what possibly is inflammatory about that AGAIN, considering you are the one telling us what you will do.

    4.What have I said in this thread to you that is inflammatory? Was me saying 'Bye I guess' hurtful,triggering, or inflammatory in some way? If that is the case, then I would have to say you are being overly sensitive.Either way, i'm not stopping you from giving Nexon suggestions on how they choose to run their game, that's your choice and I haven't said anything to suggest you should do otherwise, other than leave if Nexon doesn't provide a resolution to this situation that is up to your standards, which again is essentially what you are telling us.

    5.I have stated nowhere in this thread that they should not be perma banned or implied they should NOT be disciplined. This is the second time now you have mentioned me 'trolling' but I would like you to point to something I have said in this thread or whatever you are referencing that I trolled someone. You are basically now using the logic that someone calling you a troll makes you a troll or someone not agreeing with something posted also makes you a troll which I think is ridiculous especially when no evidence is given to support that claim. Sorry but even if it's referencing an earlier thread I posted in regarding legendary weapons, the post is clearly humor.

    Side Note here, but I am pretty sure telling someone to *fornicate* themselves as you so wonderfully put it, would more or less be a better definition of someone being intentionally inflammatory, especially when that person has truly done nothing or said nothing to warrant that treatment. But who cares right? It's just the internet.
    I don’t even bother reading your long stupid reply anymore lol stfu and go do something useful lol
  • People Transfering Legendaried

    Kiymori wrote: »
    The problem is using an exploit knowingly (Sometimes even by accident) Is a breach of the ToS meaning that it should have the same action taken as if the player was doing something more drastic such as hacking, RMT and what not. Both fall under the same type of breaching of the ToS yet some are 3 day bans and others are perma bans? It just feels like Nexon has their priorities in a weird place right now. They should either enforce the rules fully or risk sending a message like they are to Thendriks and the many others that liked that comment. That message is that it's okay to use exploits since they'll just give you a slap on the wrist instead of actually enforcing their rules. 3 day bans mean nothing to the players who were using the exploit in the first place (They've probably finished their dungeon/raid runs for the week, and 3 days of dailies means literally nothing since they'll be unbanned by reset time) , and thus I feel that they should either permanently ban them or at least take away any modified equipment that the players used/obtained from this exploit.

    Giving them a 3 day ban and nothing else is going to spark a lot more debate on whether or not Nexon NA actually cares about the community who play legitimately vs the people who are sinking money into RMT. (i.e. the majority of the high geared players and guilds who were using this exploit in the first place) For this very reason I believe that whatever decision Nexon makes here is a crucial one to test the loyalty of a lot of remaining players in the game currently.

    I'm not trying to attack your comment directly and maybe you were being sarcastic lol. But I know that the suggestion of "quitting now" is basically the same as saying "Hey, just wait for the next big exploit to come out! You'll be able to use it and not risk losing anything afterwards minus a few days of playtime!"

    Also I'm not by any means defending the exploit users. I'm simply saying that based on Nexon NA's track record when it comes to dealing with exploits (SA server's VM users on mushking, the Dark descent stuff, among other controversial topics since the game's launch) it seems like using them to get ahead is being met with little to no repercussions which is very bad for the health of the game as a whole.

    I'm being fully serious, people need to stop caring about such stupid things and let the company do what it sees fit. If the game dies it dies enjoy it while it lasts. My issue is people acting like the company owes them something when they really don't. Like really? OMG IMMA QUIT IF YOU DON"t PERMA BAN THESE PPL! ILL SHOW YOU NEXON. I don't recall nexon looking for input on player disciplines in the first place.......Or any somewhat relevant game company for that matter.
    FeifeiDu wrote: »
    You. Are. A. Idiot.

    OUCH that hurt my internet connection please no more :(.

    When a game is all about RNG and some player cheat RNG that’s no longer “stupid things” it effects others. I’m +12 legendary I worked hard to get to here and some idiot cheat and get +14? Lol use your brain next time.
  • People Transfering Legendaried

    Kiymori wrote: »
    Thendriks wrote: »
    Olujiwan wrote: »
    The issue is being investigated by the team. Try to stick to the code of conduct when replying to this thread.

    I hope to see an immediate fix and permanent account changes for players using this. If you give out 3 day bans for this I am done with this game.

    You are going to quit because a company might decide to ban someone for the length of time that did not meet your standards? Please quit now, you are in for a world of frustration.
    You. Are. A. Idiot.