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January 12, 2001

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  • Let the blades talk!

    kawingshek wrote: »
    I like the awakening skill for Berserkers, suddenly black and white mode makes me feel strong and go colourblind mode to dish out more damage. I wonder if this will make it a bit challenging with indicator colours of enemy abilities or friendly. Anyways I went a bit off topic, I prefer Berserker because I got attached to the class after playing with it in both CBT.

    Surprised Knight isn't up in the list, they wield a blade too and a shield.

    True but somehow Berserkers and Runebladers are so related to each other.

    Berserkers for their furiousity (speed) and the absorb.
    Runebladers has speed too and for their instant burst damage while Knight is more about shielding and attacking.

    Runebladers vs Berserkers in pvp are like a mirror when both played well.
  • Red Merets

    Dan made a great point, in addition, if you think of it in another way, let's say red merits has access of all THE THINGS blue merits does. That won't make any good out of it for Nexon because some people would be like "Oh, I can buy this too, sweet! I'll keep on saving mesos and trade them so I can buy this too". Most people would be like that way and Nexon would barely make any profit, even the merit exchange would be low in comparison to the demand.

    Ha! Btw little mouse...I know why you want yellow merits.....cheese right? Ha! They won't have same taste. NO CHEESE 4 YUU
  • 5 DAYS

    Nappa, It's over 5 days and 44 minutes!
  • Worried about launch servers

    I believe we may have some obvious lags but it won't push players away for sure, since most of the playerbase played online games at their early launch. I'm also sure that in CBT 2, Nexon practised well due to some of the ocassions, I'd say no worries!
  • Founder's Pack Bug?

    Daedaalus wrote: »
    Maybe I've misread or misunderstood something but I picked up a Founder's Pack the other day and got a receipt mailed to me. When I try log in and play the Mushking version of the game it tells me I havent bought a Founder's Pack. Will this change on Oct 1, or have some kind of bug occured?

    Yes, I have a founder's pack too and tells me : "Purchase the Founder's Pack to access this" when you open up traits, guilds and features like that. The founder's pack is there and valid, I'd say it's just an itself bug or intended. Worry not mapler! https://imgur.com/a/K2nEoYj