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  • "SotG Week 7 - Part 2" by Jungsoo Lee and LAMBCOOK

    kind of hilarious how the devs are going trough so many hoops. for what could be a simple thing as to just allow us to use any wheapon as an enchanthing material. :/

    look forward to sky fortress.

    This is what I have been thinking too. The core of the Hardmode dungeons just needs to be changed so you could use any weapon as sacrifice and it would fix the whole system. I just don't understand myself why developers have not considered this idea as it was offered and pointed out countless times by community.

    I think if they do this and even add the "new stones" would make gearing much much easier.
  • "State of the Game Week 7" by LAMBCOOK

    Well big reason why people spam the dungeons with the small part, yes is to get good rolled weapon. But mainly because of the enchanting system is joke.

    There was in Korea no reason to use Peachy and there is no reason to use it in Global release too. The amount and how much enchanting via Peachy sets you behind just you could even get weapon for example from +10 to +12 is joke. Not going to talk about making from +10 to +15 , it would take months!

    So people are using Ophelia to enchant and enchanting with it - you need weapon copies. So what you do is you spam dungeon what will give you it - right now Fire Dragon , later people will be spamming Lubelisk and Temple of Immortals (Balrog). And I won't lie, the enchanting system what we have right now (the amount of success RNG) is most cancerous system I have ever seen in MMO. People out there are sitting with 70 fails and still no luck to even get from +11 to +12 their weapons. Yes sure it is nice to get stacks on the weapon for example so you have enough to success from +14 to +15 and avoid 5% success rate, but still point is still the same you need weapons to enchant your weapon. And why you even need +15 weapon ? Well to be even able to do endgame raids.


    Nexon, it was nice to see you saw there is issue and you tried to change it, but I think you didn't get the memo. Why people spam the same dungeon over and over and over and over again. Is not because of the perfect weapon, but because weapons are needed to enchant.

    So how could we fix it right way ?

    1. Keep every dungeon how it is right now . We get Armor drops and we get Weapon drops, but enable us to use any weapon to enchant your primary weapon. This way we are NOT limited with one dungeon and we can run what ever we like. Example: I want to get good rings, well I run BeyondLink and get rings, but same time I get weapon I can use to enchant my main weapon I got from Fire Dragon, everyone is happy.

    2. Remove all the weapon and armor drops from the dungeon. Keep the special item drops (Wings, Capes, Pendants, Rings etc.) and add Weapon / Armor currency (bound to class). Give us Exchange NPC where we can Exchange coins for gear. Dismantle will give us coins back. We just remove the fragment boxes.
    Everyone can run what ever they like again.

    But to get the whole dungeon system right is something what needs to be done, game is already bleeding players and it gets worse everyday. Even I stopped logging in because I didn't seemed to see any logical point why I need to spam one dungeon over and over and over again and in the future do the same thing. There was no real reason for it. So for the long term of the game, I hope you get this fixed soon as possible or it will be too late. Seen something like this happen in other MMOs are most of them are dead now. So please listen you community advice and go from there.

    I will not address the Accessory re-roll issue what we have (mainly as B4 is joke and getting there), this is minor over issue what game has right now with the dungeon spam / Hardcore Enchanting RNG system.

  • "State of the Game Week 6" by Jungsoo Lee

    I agree with rest of the people here. Rewards and things like Onyx should be Account Bound not Character bound.

    Also with the changes we get we still don't get any adjustments on extreme RNG on the enchantment system what I be honest is the major turn-off and is making people leave this game over anything we have right now. I will not lie I felt like this many times too, what is the point of playing the game if you run dungeons whole 2 weeks and you don't even progress with your gear due the fact that order to progress you need to enchant your items higher. With 2 weeks failing one main-hand really makes people quit.
  • This is Tria in EU now. Game Masters hello ?


    Good luck for reserving Display in Tria (EU), can we please put end of it or just disable the feature.

    Same thing with those Balloons they cause more harm than good. I don't think I have ever seen anyone other than bots using them.

    Chat channels (1,2,3) most used locations in Tria, Queensdown have bots spamming day and night. I normally don't say this, but maybe disable local chat / world chat etc. under level 50 ?

    Bots adding into friends list or joining guilds is something what we can not do much against but rest should have more attention from the Game Masters.
  • 【EU】Kawaii ♡ midcore/mature/lv.8 ♡ Top 10 Guild

    Heya I would like to join you. I'm looking nice social guild to progress with.

    Time Zone: EU (GMT +2)
    Age: 31
    Days/Times you're available(in maple time): Active everyday from 6pm - 12pm / sometimes during the day (it all comes how work is)
    Main Class(es): Archer (4,3k gs) - working only on it right now / planing to do Priest or Knight next.
    IGN: Sef