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  • Reverse the increase to design shop listing fees.


    Why impose your intentions onto them though. If they wish to do so they would not make ugc. Has nothing to do with you really.

    My friends are also on a low income like me and I don't want them to waste their money. If they want to make it for personal us that's fine, but i will advise thm against listing. Its not so much opposing really. I am asking them not telling them. I am not telling them what to do mearly asking them not to.
  • Reverse the increase to design shop listing fees.

    I agree with this whole heartily. I'm no longer going to be listing the 6 items i have made. Once their listings expire i wont bother. I was going to use Mapletsory 2 to learn more about UV Mapping. I even learned how to make eyes! I was going to try and make masks, capes, all sorts of items. now with the listing fee being as expensive as it is, I am 100% discouraged and I am going to be asking all my friends and guild mates not to make anything for Maplestory 2. One of my guildmates is actually helping with a video game project with another friend of mine. And just like the first Responder to this post, I too know soem very talented artists. I am an amateur at best but I have come ALONG WAY!

    Here is a sample of what I have made. I have created a skin mod for an avatar in another game! Some of you may actually recognize it! The game that is, actually a Virtual World.


    So yea i wanted to bring my personal style into the game.
  • Bots sending Friend Equests

    Im trying to figure out a way to report these but when i right click, nothing shows up. When i accept request then right click, nothing shows up.

    I managed to accept then right clicked and selected report. But to make sure I submitted a tick.
    Leilafi wrote: »
    I'm too shy to ask to be friends, myself......
    I can't even make parties easily, or lead one or advertise for a party.... x . x

    And the bot situation doesn’t make it easier. I actually know exactly how you feel, but I try and push myself out of my comfort zone but leading an almost full guild now lol
    Also I have a close friend who pushes me into uncomfortable situations to try and get me over my shyness. It’s helped lol
  • [Show Off Your Houses!]

    Here's Mine! I Spent half a day getting it to look like this since i had to REMOVE EVERY BLOCK So i could Load my layout i created in Decorator Mode. I have a swimming portal for swimming trophy run, a Ranch Area, Farm area, I used Basic red and white flowers to put in place for the other farming plants ill get when i unlock them. I also have a Portal to queenstown for when i feel too lazy to open a map :p