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  • Are there less bots in the dungeons?

    I've seen much less bots in dungeons over the last couple of days. However I think the number of spammers may have doubled.
  • define sexual plz

    This is getting off topic. At our base we want to know what is defined as sexual/suggestive concretely by nexons standards. Everyone else's opinion effectively does not matter.

    Give us guidelines that are not hypocritical. Hell, even if Nexon wants to be hypocritical, give us concrete guidelines period. I've also noticed that the amount of ugc taken down is predominantly female oriented. While I realize this is because its predominantly female ugc that is sexualized, suggestive, we need to know Nexon's limit on what they view overtly sexual.

    Sorry for being part of the thread derailment. :P

    You make a great point, when many of the female npcs (bunny gals for instance) are scantily clad, yet GM's will take down someones own design for being risque , it most certainly is a hypocritical policy. There definitely needs to be some better GM training going on. I have a feeling that much of whats being deemed sexual and removed from the market is being done by gm's who are using their own idea of what constitutes morality and sexualization, instead of the companies idea. As I stated earlier about many of the npc's it's clear that Nexon devs opinions differ from that of the gm's. It makes me wonder if the gm's even play the game.

    A second idea I have is if this is a clash of eastern culture versus modern western culture where people get offended by such things as scantily clad women in media (unless it's for certain causes). If that's the case Nexon needs to hire GM's Familiar with eastern culture, especially those familiars with eastern games, anime, and manga.

    Obviously this post is just me grasping at straws and trying to come up with a reasonable explanation why this sort of hypocrisy exist with in this game.
  • define sexual plz

    Arjune wrote: »
    Wicca411 wrote: »
    idk......Its not like your nips are showing..........again this game is for 12 year olds not 39 year olds =P

    LOL? 13 year olds can hold jobs and can support Nexon with their money? You have it exactly opposite

    I guess their parents could, However I would bet the majority of money made in this game is from adults 20-40 who have warm nostalgic feelings for Nexon. I know I am in the group,
  • bots everywhere!!!

    JeoFizz wrote: »
    Festivity wrote: »
    You really can’t completely remove bots in MMOs, especially the free ones. I can see Nexon working hard to take them out though.

    I agree. All online games face a bot plague, especially when they are newly released. Even the oldest games still have bots running around, and I trust Nexon to cure the plague, not entirely mind you. However, I'd really would like to see Nexon more public about it.

    You say that you can see them working on it. I personally haven't, but that doesn't mean that they're not. Maybe I've been playing the so much I am just oblivious to the steps that Nexon has been taking.

    But this game is not new,there were 3 years of anti cheat experience with this game in live version already so I can not call "new release" argument valid.
    And god knows how many years of anti cheat measures were done before release.

    Very true, tbh honest I have no idea what the bot problem is like in the east as I have never played on an eastern server. So to the extent of the game being out for 3 years. I can't really make an educated analysis on the state of the bot problem in that area of the world, and/or how they handled it. However, I have a feeling your comment about being a "new release" as an invalid excuse is accurate. TBH i didn't think about that as I never experienced the eastern version of this game.

    As for your comment about numerous other years of anti cheat experience that the devs at Nexon have. I'd agree with you 100% and feel as though I can make a an honest comment on this matter. Most companies making an mmo game in this age definitely should be ready to combat bots efficiently and accurately. As well as have any all anti cheat systems in place, at launch.

    SentineIs wrote: »
    They have been pretty communicative about the botting problem. They've addressed it their weekly blogs, which there are 2 of...bc the game is 2 weeks old. For the time the games been out theyve been pretty open on their efforts to combat the botting problem.

    In dungeons if you see a bot leave. Playing through the dungeon only rewards botters. You receive no penalty for leaving a dungeon before it finished. Screw them, you can requeue and ive always managed to find a group in my 2nd try without bots. If your unlucky it might be a 3rd or 4th but its one way you can fight bots while nexon is trying to fight it. Also remember to report them

    You might argue they can do better. But you can't say they haven't been doing anything or they haven't been communicative that they are doing it. If so you just haven't been paying attention to their official blog posts on the forums, and linked in reddit

    I must have missed these communications due to spending my free time playing and not researching. However, I will try to keep myself updated better in the future.

    I never said Nexon wasn't doing anything, in fact I said the complete opposite. I just said I wish they were more public about the steps they are taking. You mention the blogs and such. However most people with what little free time we have in today's modern world play games (or watch others play them) more than read about them. My ideal platform for making it public would be like Mythic used to do and include the number of banned bots on the homepage, as well as include a weekly security update in the news section explaining the number of banned accounts and precautions you can take and that they are taking to combat the botpocalypse.

    Your suggestion to leave a bot group is very insightful and a great idea. In fact I am going to make that idea my new standard, especially because you are not penalized for leaving groups. This is the type of thing the dev team/gm team should put in the news about taking precautions against the bots. Thanks for the suggestion!

  • bots everywhere!!!

    Tsene wrote: »
    For now, if you want to quarantee a bot-free dungeon run, it's better to recruit via world chat or make some friends you can do them with. Or join a guild, or ask your guild mates. I do wish the queue-option wasn't such a gamble for bots or no bots, I'd like to use it.

    Yeah I joined a great guild and have been grouping that way for the last week. Your response is great advice for those like me who were sick of queuing with bots.

    On another note the non bot members of this games community are great! This has made making friends incredibly easier than many other games.