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  • Petition to Remove Fair Fight

    I don't know if what I'm about to say is true in practice, nor am I trying to defend Fair Fight, but in theory, Fair Fight should be balanced such that leveling up from 50 to 60 doesn't impact your DPS. That's the point of fair fight - to make sure that level 50s and 60s have comparable stats against a level 50 boss.


    Definitely agreed with what's being stated above. Fair Fight should NOT be removed but rather adjusted to work differently or properly.

    The complete removal of Fair Fight will negatively impact Maplestory 2 in the long run. If enacted, the removal would discourage party play, and establish a standard to solo rather than fostering interactions and cooperation amongst playerbase. One of the core development principles of Maplestory 2 is centered around community interactions and cooperation, and the removal of Fair Fight is a direct threat to the core design.

    With that said, there is a real need for the team to go back to the drawing board in regards to the implementation of the Fair Fight system - the concept is sound, but the execution is less than ideal. The fact that, given the same gear and skill point investment, a level 60 character does less damage than a level 50 character to the same boss in a particular dungeon is a major red flag and a huge concern. There is no doubt that the current Fair Fight scaling logic needs to be review.

    A potential suggestion, rather than applying a proportional negative adjustment given a character's level, is to implement a gear score ranges for dungeons - keep the minimum gear score requirement but place a ceiling to the gear score. This would also allows for a relatively simple future adjustment to the range as Maplestory 2 develops.
    To give an example, a level 50 dungeon gear score range could look something like this: 1500 - 1875 (25% increase to the base). Gear score above this range for this particular dungeon would have its benefits ignore. This allows more experienced players to observed the impact and the benefits of growth, still encourages party play, and will keep lower level contents relevant and challenging for new players. The percentage base adjustment of gearscore might need to be higher for harder content to encourage gear progression.

    Would love to hear more on what's being discussed internally for potential solutions from the team.