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  • "Dungeon Limit Change for November " by LAMBCOOK

    My take on the situation, which doesn't seem to be different from anyone else:

    Unlimited Adventure Dungeons
    Remove availability of Epic drops after 30 completions and allow people to farm blue gear to keep their onyx supplies topped off.
    30 Hard Dungeons
    10 Chaos Raids
  • "Dungeon Limit Change for November " by LAMBCOOK

    Shawnyy wrote: »
    so now those with 7 chars get an extra 30 runs on their mains sweet while the people with maybe 1 char only get extra 30. seems fair. definitely not gonna cause any already existing imbalance in the "in-game economy" if that's what you wanna call it. And once again not a single mention or even an inkling of anything about thief buffs to come from the producers. then you have they saying "oh chaos raids will be a challenge so how you can see how strong you are." well we cant be strong well we cant be string if the game makes our class complete garbage and its literally lacking the ABILITY to do the damage to be competitive.

    Every post you make about this issue is not only an absolute mess, but it's repetitive and aggressive. I agree Thief needs a pick-me-up, but people like you make them want to drop that buff a little later every time you act like this. Also don't state your incompetence to keep up as a thief as the plateau condition for everyone playing them. I know Thief players better than me and more competent than most leaderboard contenders.

    Thief is in a place where while it's short of what everyone else can do better and more often- it's a defined statement of get good or go home. As a Thief player this is your current status quo, so meet it or beat it.
  • [SUGGESTIONS] UGC Weapon Template Ideas

    I'd suggest to the modelers that complex shapes be allowed.
  • [SUGGESTIONS] UGC Weapon Template Ideas

    I think a few stereotypical greatsword bodies couldn't hurt... I didn't put more time into them since they're just concepts for blank slates.

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  • An In-Depth Examination of Life Skills (Currently)

    This post will not be about whining and crying, but rather examining the current state of Life Skills. I spend a considerable amount of time on all of them, so I feel it's fair that I address them now before the developers/game forgets about them. That sounds dramatic, but the only popular practices so far are music playing and fishing. I will go over the skills, their purpose and if their payout is worth investing into.


    Gathering is pretty straight forward, and that reason is why it's hard to take an in-depth or nuanced look at it because it's a skill that is everything it's name implies. You find nodes of ore, gather herbs, reap your crops and collect various things from farm animals.

    Why is gathering important? Well you could argue that gathering as a whole is the skill that is in service to every crafting skill. Crafting enables you to create things like consumable buffs or items that make progress on leveling all your life skills go faster. It's important because it's the foundation of these skills, and Maple Story 2 tackles it in a mostly serviceable way. The only real criticism I have is that these life skills are placed in the middle of towns and streets, not really immersive (even to this game's casual standard of immersion) if you ask me. I should be in caves and on mountains/high up places for my ores. I should find ore near things like lava. Plants should be everywhere and not in convenient pocket points near towns. Novice/noobie areas are one thing, but the game shrugs off creative placement for what I call 'the gathering malls'.

    Alkimi Island and Berg Island are one-stop gathering points that alleviate your need to travel to places for harvesting plants and ore. You gain access to these from Lith Harbor when you break into the higher lifeskill ranks. By private server Ragnarok Online and Maple Story 1 standards this is fine but in a game that encourages you at near constant to travel this feels like it runs counter to the game's focus on exploration. My daily missions take me to more diverse places than gathering ever has, and I find that I'm baffled at the opportunity to place more value on unused/unimportant maps was passed up in favor of an all-in-one venue. This could potentially broaden the heatmaps of your players and introduce life skill players to more life skill players. This is a small nitpick but it's an argument for overall life quality and the diversity of player interaction locations. Players are as much of a feature in an mmo as the features themselves.


    Where do I begin here? I guess to start with, I feel like the one job I expect mmos to make feel rustic and gritty is this one. All I see when I look into the list of things to craft is buffs and useless boxes. Let me elaborate further on a seemingly cut and dry situation since that's what this post is for anyway.

    Smithing in this game has next to no actual purpose in the game. I've heard many people claim it's THE most useless skill in the game, I'm beginning to agree upon taking time to consider what I could possibly do with any of it. You make some items that buff... ranching? I guess that makes sense in the most literal sense of blacksmiths but where there's SOME semblance of what blacksmithing is they left out the fantasy. The most important thing is what people assume smithing implies in these settings- badass weapons. This skill does not let you make good gear, alter gear attributes or even improve your gear. So what the hell is it for? Well you can get some damage buffs that last a negligible amount of time and are in a position where reapplying them mid fight (namely in hard dungeons AND normal dungeons) is pointless. Maximizing dps in a game where Fair Fight (the debuff to overleveled characters) isn't really worth doing when I'm usally capped above the game's current metric leash. I can buff exp granted with ranching, alright so it's another one of those foundational things where gathering bleeds into other skills to run it's clear domino effect. Then... there's boxes of stuff.

    I say stuff because that's all it is. When you create these smithing boxes they yield gear you'd otherwise never use. Finding better is easy and leveling in this game is fast and fleeting. It'd be cool if I can make my alts and lowbie noodles some gear but holy they grow up so fast that I might as well use it to construct them some period themed IKEA furniture. This skill, other than ranch buffing- seems to have nothing to it other than manly implications because manly. I'm a sucker for the rustic-dustic miner/smithing themes, so I'm particularly bitter about how little this craft tree does for me.

    There's not much to say here that wasn't stating above. Other than the very absent aesthetic of being a tinkerer or refiner of... things? There's not much to this tree other than items that buff handicraft and mining exp gains. You can make jewelry that nobody wants and a DEF buff that will easily be neglected after first application.

    Oh I love this tree, it could be the sheer variety of options of things to make, it could be that any buff you could quaff is right here... or that everything in it is infinitely more useful than any other tree offers. Hands down Alchemy is THE skill to have. It towers over all other things so easily you'd swear you were wasting your time with the other lifeskills. Let me just give you a brief rundown: Skill gain buffs, raw damage buffs, spirit total upgrades, mount summons, cosmetic vouchers of all varieties and MORE. There's no reason to not use this lifeskill tree. It also has the highest player-made healing potions for those who marathon hard dungeons like me (as of yesterday, look at my big boy talk).

    Now THIS skill tree is tricky, but easy to sell. This tree is ALL unique buffs. 100% experience gains, % based healing, extreme regeneration and AoE team buffs that encourage close quarters cooperation. This is arguably the strongest skill tree for dungeon runners. You will be an invaluable dungeon crawler with this tree. Feed yourself and your teammates without needing to share with the team. I say that's a good way for solo players to give back to their team. Indirectly carrying your team into higher dps and sustainability is an infinitely useful toolset. While Alchemy is the most diverse, Cooking takes the cake for true end-game players.

    Music is pretty, fun and community-driven. This provides nothing other than beautiful chunks of exp for doing nothing. This is a newb's leveling dream. Mom screaming at you? Play music and afk, or drown her out. Need to go to bed for work? AFK jam and come back later. This is THE free exp skill. It's value is only exp, in terms of metric advantage. Shame most MML websites suck, LULS.

    The true lifeskill journey is here. Travel, collect your album and fish up goodies. Only problem is... there's no goodies to be caught. Let me explain: Fishing is, at the moment, a glorified stamp collection because gold fish variants are rarer than potion solven and worth equal or less. The payout for this skill is for those who can afford to autofish for gold fish. That's all this skill is for- oh I kinda lied. You need master fishing to complete your explorations- but even then the effort seems almost worth nothing if those attributes weren't on the line. Let me tell you while this skill was a lot of fun, it was also an incredible letdown. Apparently in KMS2 you could fish up really rare gear and outfit pieces, now we just get crappy nick-nacks. I'm doing to go sit in Cave of Eternity with a rubber band on my sword spin button and rake in bottles of aquafina to sell to our local weeb Walter Whites instead.
    Interior Decorating

    This feels like all cosmetic competition and testing one's ability to market themselves. Other than that there's just attributes on the line from completions that I know of.
    [EDIT] It seems that you can buy statuettes for your home or earn them? That deliver long term buffs of various uses, including piercing. Consider this a more worthwhile adventure, and yes your friends can benefit too!
    Pet Taming

    This one is REALLY iffy, I've seen some badass pets and their buffs but boy is the effort you have to go through to find them all and dedicate infusions questionably worth your time. To minmax munchkin dungeoneers these EPIC pets can bestow some incredibly, stupid-good buffs. To the rest of the playerbase at large? They are glorified fetching npcs that 'look nice'. Pet Taming is only as valuable as you make it, thus making judging it kind of pointless since you can't make a dramatic enough statistical case for everyone to not bother or absolutely have one.
    In Conclusion

    Life Skill Tiers:

    Must-Have: Alchemy, Cooking
    Useful: Pet Taming, Interior Decorating
    Fun: Music, Fishing
    Bad: Handicraft, Smithing

    With only two lifeskills out of eight being worth our time I feel that these need to be examined, tweaked and pay out more handsomely to those investing time into them. you're breaking my heart MS2, because you're the only MMO I'm willing to put time into craft skills for.