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  • Suggestions for to help visually impaired.

    I cannot see the color yellow, and it looks funny with green. Actually I did before but then it went away so I remember what it looked like.
    And Bigger Font Size.
    So I ask maybe,

    Let us have the color changing thingy like some other games where we can change the color of peoples names atleast, and bigger font size.
  • Just wanted to lighten up your day.

  • Possible Solution for Bots

    Normally I would agree with this but,

    I fail all capcha/recapcha all the time, because I can't see it. And if its a listen version I have a real hard time finding the button.

    I bypass all captcha with a arduino device that recognizes patters and types for me. It was built by friends of the foundation for the blind and it cost only 15 bucks and never ever fails and instantly writes captcha and only physically touches the keyboard and never software.

    I also use orcam and it does not recognize captcha, but it does come extremely handy when reading quests and market and ugc/meret shop. Although I had to mute world and channel chat as it makes it skip a lot. I also use thunderstorm and it does not read captcha, i cannot afford J.A.W.S. as it is extremely expensive. I also have a braille etched keyboard as eventually I will be completely blind and I am getting use to it still.

    There are also about 7000 captcha disablers that are completely legal because captcha violates your civil rights.

    I should not be punished because I am disabled. This is unconstitutional and violates my rights in the ADA https://www.ada.gov/

    So I am sorry I will poll No.
  • Bots ruining dungeon runs.

    They know but cannot do much about it but do it per character basis due to the fairness act, so it takes work hours vs work done. And devs hate that cause their not being good %s to the company so they make them do other things, its also not devs fault cause parent comps crunch em hard.

    SO it takes too much money to go around and check all of them, they do it slow and by then they checked 20 and 2000 got threw.

    best thing to do atm is make them leader and leave the party and report them.
    making them leader makes them not leave the dungeon and trigger the regroup feature, and they will get stuck until noticed or the hack sees a loop.
    and reporting them doesnt do reporting it only blocks them from your party finder , which gives you more chance to find a new group.

    The hacks have logs that machine learn in aws, so this will be fixed by them.

    Sadly humans are the worst thing in the universe and fixing the issue is near impossible because of it, the legit should be given a chance but they dont trust humans because other humans ruined it for you. sorry.
  • Beware Bots scripted to chat now , are still bots.

    Botters have now added scripted text messages to try to deter people from leaving the game and playing with the bots.

    Their still bots.

    Regular people who use the bots also started using this.

    Easy way to tell their bots, they stay stuck in random places.
    but the hacks they use will soon fix this as aws learns from the logs and makes it better.

    Suggestion, make them leader and leave so they stay stuck for a while.