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  • Healer or Holy DPS?

    Fair, but I think that's a bit short-sighted. That player could either be having a bad day, or the player might just be new to the boss/the subtleties of their class. In either case, keeping them from being tombstoned gives them more chances to try new tactics and learn. You help tighten the feedback loop of failure and experimentation. In the long run, you'll end up with happier and more skilled party members.
    Failure is the best teacher, so long as you don't let it get to you.

    If you heal someone that sit in mechanics he should be avoiding, he won't understand that he's supposed to avoid those mechanics in the first place. Letting them get tombstoned is the best way to remind them that success isn't a privilege, it is earned. And in order to succeed in harder content, you need to allow your priest to focus on more important task than holding your hand.
    And if they complain and say you didn't heal them, tell them that the other DPSers are alive for a reason.

    At the same time, I'm not saying that you shouldn't heal someone who gets hit by a mechanic they should have avoided. For example, I always try to save anyone who gets hit by the lazer beam on FD when I see them actively try to avoid it. I will not however put myself, or others, in danger if someone doesn't come to me for heals during the unavoidable breath. If they make a genuine effort to do the mechanic right, I will care for them.
  • Twisted Pocket Realm leeching

    Zintack wrote: »
    ^ someone can correct me on all of this. P:
    You are right about it.

    To clarify, Twisted Pocket Realm are portals that spawns in the level 52+ PvP zones. This includes the following maps: Melta Dam, Cozalita Graveyard, Obsidian Mountain, Gloomy Forest and Sealed Forest.
    They have a chance to spawn on death of an elite monster in one of those zones. You can identify the elites by their red dot on the minimap as well as their bold red name tag. Each elite have a random buff from a list of different buffs, the only buff that will be problematic is the alternating physical/magical shield that reduce all physical or magical damage taken by ~95%, which makes it takes some time to kill.
    The Twisted Pocket Realm entrance looks like a dungeon entrance and is opened for 30 seconds to allow people in. Once inside, you'll get 1 of 6 different timed event.
    1) 40 seconds to kill 3 mimic chests, each dropping a certain amount of Treva, onyx crystal and maybe some elixirs.
    2) 40 seconds to kill rainbow slimes that run away from you. When a rainbow slime dies, it split into smaller slimes and drops Treva and elixirs. Whenever they take damage they also drop a bunch of mesos (not enough to really matter). They only take 1 damage per hit so Damage over time attacks and multi-hit attacks are best here.
    The next 4 events are where leeching becomes a problem. Each of those 4 events will spawn 4 chests once completed and only the one that open the chest gets the reward from it. So 2 players would usually get 2 chests each while a solo player would get all 4 chests. There are 2 different chests that can spawn, the normal chest which contains 30 treva, 5k mesos, 5 onyx crystal and a consumable that allows you to be invisible for a short duration and the rare chest which contains 100 treva and similar other rewards as the normal chest. There is also a chance at getting the gloves or boots costume that match the suit and helmet bought for Treva at the PvP shelter vendors. I do not know whether those costume can drop from normal chests or only rare chests.
    3) 1m30s to kill 3 elites who have the random buffs mentioned earlier. Pretty straightforward.
    4) 2m30s to kill 3 waves of elites. First wave being a bunch of elites with 1 random buff each. Second wave being half the amount of elites but with multiple buffs. Last wave being a single elite with a pletora of random buffs.
    5) 2 minutes to kill a watchtower that spawn elites with buffs at a set interval. Once the watchtower is dead all the spawned elites despawn as well.
    6) 3m30s to kill 1 of 2 boss. The bee boss, which is the easiest of the 2, or the plague doctor boss. Usually, you'll need 2 players to complete this one effectively but it is possible to solo with enough gear (especially if you aren't a priest >.>).

    The problem I point out in this thread is when a player enter the portal you created and, more often than not, wait on their flying mount while you clear the event inside to then steal the chests you worked for. Usually ending up costing you half the reward. There are also random elites roaming around the Twisted Pocket Realm that aren't part of the event but will still attack you, those elites don't despawn once you finished the event and are a problem when it comes to #3 and #5 as they will prevent you from looting the chests by attacking you. This is especially annoying when someone is leeching as they do not have aggro on those elites and they can steal 3 or even all of the chests because of it.
    And because the portals stay opened for 30 seconds and rezzing only take 10 seconds, it is absolutely possible for a player to get inside your portal even AFTER you killed them in the open world. So there is literally no ways to fighting this leeching beside switching channel or zone.
    Most players are respectful and will simply change channel when they see you are already farming in a channel, but there are a lot of those that will be complete jerks.
  • Twisted Pocket Realm leeching

    Could Twisted Pocket Realm please be locked to the player and his/her group when they enter it?

    I'm starting to get tired of people leeching from my work clearing the Twisted Pocket Realm so they can jack the chests I've worked for.
    There is literally nothing I can do as a player to stop them from leeching. I can't attack them inside the Twisted Pocket Realm, they can simply fly in the air while they wait for me to pop a new Twisted Pocket Realm and even if I do kill them in the open world, they have a 10 seconds rez timer while the portal to the Twisted Pocket Realm last 30 seconds, meaning they can still get in and steal the chests.
  • How to animation cancel?

    Not sure about animation cancelling, but you can macro Holy Blast or Healing Prayer to allow movement or jumping between cast without having to release the button.
    The difference is this.
    Without macro:
    With macro:
  • Full of Crap

    hotpot wrote: »
    I can use this exact same logic in reverse by saying that restricting players progression will cause people to either quit or stop spending money in the game because they don't believe it's worth it. From a business PoV, pissing off your players isn't exactly winner either.