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  • Maygi's Priest Guide

    It's not 54 seconds but 63 seconds with 9/10.

    If you want me to do maths where none are needed, then sure, let me indulge you by explaining, with maths, why your 0.3 spirit per second is innacurate.

    1 point of Disciple versus 9 points is 39 seconds versus 63 seconds for Celestial Guardian and 14 seconds versus 21 seconds for celestial blessing.
    My numbers were regarding not having Disciple, but 1 point is still a somewhat similar result.
    21 / 14 means you need to cast Celestial Blessing 50% more times to keep the buff up.
    63 / 39 means you need to cast Celestial Guardian ~62% more time to keep the buff up.
    In 63 seconds, that means 3 celestial blessings and 1 celestial guardian for 9 disciple.
    In 63 seconds, that means 4.5 celestial blessings and 1.62 celestial guardian for 1 disciple.
    Considering each buff cost 45 spirit and we have 2.12 times that spirit cost additional cost per 63 seconds.
    (2.12 * 45) / 63 = ~1.51 spirit/second as extra cost.

    So with having 1 Disciple versus having 9 Disciple, we have an extra 1.51 spirit/sec cost to upkeep your buffs.
    Because Celestial Blessing isn't the only buff you need to keep up.

    Now, this is exactly what I meant by "you can't simply maths like this". Because the maths above are so theoretical and absolutely unrepresentative of reality that you can't possibly calculate the value of a skill by simply brute forcing maths onto it. In a fight, Celestial Blessings is more often than not gonna be used before its buff duration expire for heals, therefor, you can't possibly calculate the actual spirit consumption per second of celestial buffs. Just like you could argue that you would recast Celestial Guardian before the buff end during period of down time. While this might mean Disciple become less desirable because of those cases, the opposite can be said for Holy Symbol. Because of downtime, Holy Symbol having a long cooldown isn't as much of a problem as you could make it sound. Increasing the duration on a spell that is solely used during peak time means that the increase in damage over the duration of a fight is far higher than it would be on a dummy in a guild house.

    This is why you can't simplify maths like this. There are too many variables at play to simply break a problem into a simple mathematics equation.

    Which is why I do not bother doing thousands of lines of maths just to present my point: 5 more seconds on Holy Symbol is more DPS than Sanctuary in a boss fight because Holy Symbol happens during peak time, Sanctuary will rarely ever manage to get 100% of its hit in, Disciple also benefit Celestial Guardian and Blessing on top of Holy Symbol and you need to waste points into Scourging Wave to unlock Sanctuary. Sanctuary by itself is a good amount of DPS, but with the cons it also carries along with it, it is not a spell worth the investment, as simple as that.

    Also, can you stop using circa notation for non-date numbers? That's just confusing and makes you sound pretentious. Approximation in mathematics is a ≈ (Or ~ to avoid dealing with Unicode).
  • "State of the Game Week 2" by Jungsoo Lee

    So many SJWs in this thread wanting their safe space because they feel oppressed by the people that are richer, stronger or more equipped than they are to face the world. Next, they'll want a fair trade buff that pool everyone mesos and redistribute it equally among the whole player base.

    Am I playing real life or Maplestory here?
  • Healer or Holy DPS?

    Fair, but I think that's a bit short-sighted. That player could either be having a bad day, or the player might just be new to the boss/the subtleties of their class. In either case, keeping them from being tombstoned gives them more chances to try new tactics and learn. You help tighten the feedback loop of failure and experimentation. In the long run, you'll end up with happier and more skilled party members.
    Failure is the best teacher, so long as you don't let it get to you.

    If you heal someone that sit in mechanics he should be avoiding, he won't understand that he's supposed to avoid those mechanics in the first place. Letting them get tombstoned is the best way to remind them that success isn't a privilege, it is earned. And in order to succeed in harder content, you need to allow your priest to focus on more important task than holding your hand.
    And if they complain and say you didn't heal them, tell them that the other DPSers are alive for a reason.

    At the same time, I'm not saying that you shouldn't heal someone who gets hit by a mechanic they should have avoided. For example, I always try to save anyone who gets hit by the lazer beam on FD when I see them actively try to avoid it. I will not however put myself, or others, in danger if someone doesn't come to me for heals during the unavoidable breath. If they make a genuine effort to do the mechanic right, I will care for them.
  • How can I destroy/discard items?

    Arcanius wrote: »
    CLC wrote: »
    Drag drop

    Only thing is that your character goes to wherever you drop xDD

    Only if you are playing with Mouse + Keyboard setup. Keyboard only won't move your character.
  • Let's discuss buying runs

    Saraneth wrote: »
    And even if they were I don't get why it bothers you so much. It literately has no effect on you at all. Don't like it don't buy runs. Why should your hate for it stop other from using their mesos how they want?
    I clearly said I don't care if people buy or sell runs. They do whatever they want with their time and resources.
    But me not caring about those people doesn't mean I can't discuss for the sake of discussion.

    Saying it doesn't affect me (or anyone else for the matter) is a lie. It trains people to be bad at the game, which negatively impact groups they will join later on. It is why I said it was akin to pay2win in a subjective way, not a literal way.
    Just look at League of Legends for example, people getting carried to higher ranks by pros often ends up either quitting because they gets stomped the moment the pros stop carrying them since they are now in a league way above theirs or they go back all the way from where they came and force their poor skills onto their teams along the way. A bronze in platinum completely ruins the platinum game for whichever team he's on. While this is a far more extreme example that has far more effect on that game than what we have here on Maplestory 2, it is nonetheless a side effect of getting "carried".