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    Kallas wrote: »

    I'm also on Rogers try Disabling HDR and Vsync keep it enabled. Also flush/renew your ip then restart your router. Rogers Citron routers are really the worst routers in existence. Though its not really the rogers router thats causing it loll. Try the following I posted on the thread here:

    Step 1: Uninstall Maplestory 2 and the Nexon client completely and check for any extra nexon folders in your harddrive
    Step 2: install Maplestory 2 onto Program Filesx86 folder instead of your local hardisk C: folder (For Windows 10 users)
    Step 3: Do a IP Renew/ IP Flush
    Step 4: Restart your pc relogin to the game go to your graphics tab and disable HDR and Keep Vsync Enabled
    Step 5: If none of the steps above dont work try disabling other things to reduce lag and latency in he maplestory 2 graphics tab

    I can't seem to install MS2 and Nexon into x86 .... Every time I open the launcher it re-downloads the game into c folder.
    I tried going into the launcher settings and changing the download location to x86 but its not working.

    EDIT: Nevermind! I got it. Forgot to go into my %appdata% folder
    So it didn't seem to work. I still DC'ed in fire dragon. I didn't restart my router though.
    I don't lag in game even on max settings so it CAN'T be that. ( I was using your settings)

    Wanted to chime in on here that I've tried all these quick fixes too (uninstall, HDR/VSync, data deletion, IP flush/renew, admin run, 500 mbps ethernet, fast startup, etc.) and still get DC'ed every 2 minutes. Just getting to Lith Harbor from the tutorial start took me around 30-45 minutes because of that. I'm also using Rogers in Canada/NA East. Friend who came over to play MS2 with me using a separate account/laptop also got 10053'd as much as I did.

    Sad that I can't play what I paid extra for, but hopefully Nexon fixes this before their worldwide launch, oof.