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  • ★ Join Crrio! Social, Friendly, and much more! ★


    Welcome to the official recruitment page for Crrio's MapleStory 2 guild! We are a passionate group of maplers who make daily strides to better the game for everyone and provide an awesome, social, and more than anything welcoming guild experience. I have many aspirations for this guild, but one is for it to be *the* best guild, in almost every regard. We will focus on socializing, bossing, as well as helping support each and every member of our guild to help them reach new heights and soar with everyone else.

    In addition to daily bossing, raids, and other social events, we will host weekly giveaways just for our guild members where you can win NX cards (more than one winner every week), in-game tradable items, and much more.

    [This is a work in progress]

    Crrio is a small community (and team) of MapleStory players, many of which have played the original game since Beta. We manage and craft awesome services for maplers that better their gaming experience or otherwise improve the MapleStory community in any way we can. As a team, we're all veteran maplers who have played MapleStory 2 (KMS2) already and plan to dedicate our time towards growing this guild into something wonderful and working with our members and community to brainstorm ways we can further better the game for everyone. We are also LGBTQ+ friendly.

    Our community is made up of the tens of thousands of players who use our services monthly, as well as our always growing Discord server with over 1500 members and hundreds online.

    Activeness: While you don't need to be on daily (school, work, and adulting is a very real thing), we hope to see you on at least a few times a week, whether it's to hang out, participate in guild PVP, or otherwise go raiding/bossing with the rest of the guild!
    Mindfulness: Be mindful of others and be willing to show respect to our guild members but also to other players as well.
    No Black Wings: I personally believe that MapleStory 2 will be one of the best games we've seen in decades and the notion of hacking or negatively impacting other player's experiences is not okay while in our guild (and we strongly suggest against it anyway).

    Q. Is there an age requirement?
    While there isn't an age requirement to join Crrio, we would like to preface that we are a very mindful and open-minded guild. There may be times where intellectual conversations or otherwise more adult topics mentioned (adulting), in which should be respected.

    Q. Do I need to be on voice chat often (or at all??)
    Absolutely not. While we will have a guild-only voice channel available for those wishing to socialize or otherwise communicate more easily during raids/bosses, we understand that this may not be for everyone! (and that's totally okay).

    (more added soon)

    Yaaay *F2*! We're really pleased to know that you are interested in joining our guild. To request to join, simply let us know in the thread below and share a bit about yourself and why you would like to join! As the release date draws closer, we'll be posting more about our plans, as well as whether you were accepted or not!

    In the meanwhile, feel free to chat in this thread or stop by our Discord server to chat with other Maplestory & Maplestory 2 players as well as check out our many services.

    Thank you everyone. <3
  • Charactor Creator

    Assuming we're able to make some more advances with web character models and rendering, we're aiming to launch / create a simulator similar to Maplestory: Design, but for MapleStory2. If Nexon wants to work on something like this though, we'd happily welcome it and would take a lot of stress off our hands as well. But ultimately, whatever the community wants we'll try our best to make.

    There's a few other projects on our roadmap such as an always-updated wiki (we're waiting to see if we're getting Maview like Korea did @NXACuddles), but if that's already taken care of, our attention will be going towards an easy-to-use simulator that will allow players to view different hairstyles+eyes including all the color gradients and then also preview normal+cash outfits so you feel more confident when you purchase them. <3

    (not sure if that/we're what @NightRavenz was referring to)
  • RL | Pictures > Post here u'r real life picture,

    Here's a more recent photo from about a month back.

    Here's one of my favorite photos I've ever taken, which was from January. (warning, sliiiiiiiightly nsfw, but just because no shirt)

    And then here's one from last year when I had my hair styled / designed to mimic a MapleStory item / hair.

  • THICC Grill is coming towards you, what do?

    I'm mildly disturbed. But just mildly, I grew up on 4chan.
  • Custom Forum Avatar

    NXACuddles wrote: »
    Agreed. Having custom avatar gives you a sense of individuality.
    Sometimes I remember forum users simply by their avatar alone! X-D

    There are some security concerns on allowing Maplers to use custom avatars, even if it's hosted by imgur etc.

    However, our team is trying to see if we can have your avatars tied to your in-game character! We will see if this can be applied (it's a bit tough to implement). But we won't be able to add this feature until official launch since this is when characters are not wiped.

    If the team would like any assistance with this (or otherwise help with easily generating avatars for players to use on the forums that is based off their in-game character), just poke me on Discord! I'm sure this can be accomplished for players and it'd be incredible to see this added to the forums for both Maplestory 2 and Maplestory.