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  • This game sucks

    I feel like it's fair for dungeons to be required for progression. While it definitely has its flaws (such as struggling to find parties), this is a normal mechanic of many, many MMORPGs. Interacting with players is typically required as the curve of end-game hits, as you and -insert other characters here- must work together to beat terrible foes and reap the rewards!

    It's valid to voice your opinions and they matter a ton; however what is more valuable is why you feel this way and what you would change if you could. Give support for your thoughts! :)
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    Hol wrote: »
    Hey :) I am 25+ year's old, live in the UK and started playing MS1 in 2006 and have been in the same guild 'Zinnia' in Windia for most of those years (had lots of experience working as a team to keep the no 1 guild rank in the GPQ days!).

    I am interested in joining your guild as it sounds like the kind of guild I am looking for - friendly, helpful and social. I'll mostly likely only be playing MS2 at weekends (and the occasional weekday evening) due to being at work Monday to Friday. I am interested in participating in boss runs, raids and other social events with the guild members when I'm online and being part of a guild community I can stay with for the foreseeable. :)

    Hello Hol! I hope that Crrio is the perfect guild for you and if you're still interested in joining when release gets closer, it'd be a privilege to have you! Whether you can play throughout the week or not, we'll try to plan boss runs and raids around times that work for everyone, and I will keep this in mind for the future! Cheers. :)
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    Meowren wrote: »
    I've been looking around at guilds for quite a while but I think this one really nails it for me! ;w; The biggest thing that draws my attention is that it's proudly LGBTQ+ friendly. That's hugely important to me u///u Also, I'm just really impressed with Crrio in general -- ngl, I've been doing quite a bit of research this morning... I had no idea how many projects were associated with crrio! and how many projects you (Tyler) have founded, specifically u///u I think the philosophy behind your projects really resonates with me as well u///u
    I'm in PDT (california!), I'm 23 y/o, I have fond memories of MS1 from roughly around 2007ish... what else to say? I'm not super confident that I'll get invited to the CBT (because I had to make a new Nexon account, with no hours of play on it... cry) but I'll gladly support my pals and wait to hop in on the fun upon full release ;w;

    You are incredibly valid and thank you for all the research you did as well! Crrio has been (and always will be) focused on crafting projects for gaming communities that help make positive impacts for players. We've done so with MapleStory, and we'll be continuing to do so with MapleStory 2 and a few other games this year. I adore this game, so I'm excited to dedicate myself towards it more than I have recently with this guild. :)

    Whether you are invited to the CBT or not, you are very welcomed here and thank you for your comment and application as well Meowren!
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    Mipie wrote: »
    Hello! I think I'd be interested in joining you guys. I'm looking for a guild that has people who have experience in playing MapleStory 2, since I am a new player and would really appreciate some guidance! I also want a guild that focuses on both social/fun things and harder things like battling/leveling.

    What time zones do most of your members live in? I'm in the US on CST time.

    Also, I plan to be an archer.

    About four guild members so far (our team + another player already accepted) have a lot of experience playing Maplestory 2 (most played for about two years and to max level), and would be more than willing to give you guidance! :) I really want the guild to be focused on each member assisting each other to reach their goals and to help with bossing as well.

    And members may be all over the globe, but most are in the United States. We have two (including myself) on PST, one normally on CST with you, and then others EST as well.
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    Bamboozler wrote: »
    Blavy wrote: »
    @Bamboozler , @scholar624 , @The Blue Corsair , @UpsilonGreen , @Ryuazaki

    You could become Maplestorys unofficial boyband, ur so cute ~

    I'd like that ;)

    Could do, indeed.

    I'm down! ;D