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  • "Founder's Packs" by CM Cuddles

    On the discord, the VFM's say that there are no shareable codes so I would like for the FAQ to be updated so that it says no there are no shareable codes, only the ones given via social media events such as the stream tomorrow at July 17th at 3 PM PDT (6 PM EDT/ 12 AM CEST [JULY 18]/ 8 AM AEST [JULY 18]).

    Also that name reservation thing... why... just why... so many people were against it...
  • "Closed Beta 2 Update" by Jungsoo Lee

    Oh please don't split up the server, I'm sure there are other ways to fix the stability/ping issues. I know there may be many thousands of players, in a single united server for NA there weren't that many people in the other channels after channel one. Even with the larger population coming in, it'll still be pretty similar if you're only doubling it then cutting NA in half

    (If it's a permanent split, then at least merge them like MS1 servers so that all these guilds and friendships won't be split up)
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  • [Updating] Bug Reporting Mega Thread

    I'm not sure if it's a bug or not but for some reason in the 3 times I did a dungeon with 1 friend, and the other times ive done dungeons with people I've been getting a super low amount of mesos at the lvl 50 dungeons (4000 mesos) and am I supposed to be getting only 1 or 2 equips per dungeon? I feel like either this is a bug or I'm somehow doing almost nothing in a contribution based system

    If it isn't a bug, I'd really like to know why I'm getting almost nothing from the lvl 50 dungeons
  • MapleStory 2 Girls: Thicc Appreciation Thread V2!

    Wow wtf, i mean i know it's not necessarily a kid's game but daaaamn that's so... lewd! TF O_O
  • Round #1: Beta Invites Release!

    I don't know if you'vetalked about this yet but there are people who've signed up with multiple accounts that are saying they've got multiple acceptances. Not gonna lie, if the people saying they made multiple accounts and got accepted are telling the truth then I'm mad at them, taking up slots that would go to someone who hasn't gotten it yet. Also, for the people who are accepted, what will happen to the first 10 thousand who finish the road trip? If somehow all the people who've been accepted finish as the first 10 thousand in the roadtrip, will the 10k be moot or will the first 10 thousand who finish and havent been accepted will be accepted?