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  • Balloon Popping Event Misinformation

    On the site it says

    Find Ruby in Queenstown to accept a special Daily Quests to find and pop Celebration Balloons
    The balloons periodically spawn all throughout Maple World, including both Victoria and Karkar Island
    Pop 10 balloons to claim Popping Star Powder Candy, which restores 25% of your health when eaten. Yum!
    Quest can be completed once per day, per account
    Pop a total of 30 balloons to claim the Cute Balloon Cape!

    But according to the game it says pop a total of 60 balloons or get 30 candy for the cape, the news page needs to be fixed
  • [NOW BACK FOR SALE] Founder's Packs!

    would like to know if name reservation is only meant for the first character or if it's reserved until we make a character that has that name and then if we delete it then anyone can make a character with that name
  • Duplicate Designs?

    Was just checking out the design shop since I didn't care for the currently available section when I noticed this. Not really sure what's up with this or if it's even allowed


    inb4 people think I'm a snitch but whatever
  • "Founder's Packs" by CM Cuddles

    Joint wrote: »
    I think the idea of limited founder packs is silly imo. What if someone wants to purchase a pack but can't do so that exact day? Founder packs should be able to be bought anytime before official release at least. Some games even allow you to purchase packs during the official release. Limiting such packs is just going to create more frustration than any good. Also are the limited packs going to be something like the black friday sales on MS1 where you only have a certain time frame to purchase them on that exact day, or are they going be available to purchase all day on the 17th but only on the 17th? How is this limitation going to work?

    I'm pretty sure it's only limited because of the beta access that they're also giving out with these packs and so there'll probably only be a hundred to a thousand or so. There are going to be more founders packs unlimited for just before the official release, at least, that's what I've heard and it makes sense to me so.
  • [NEWS] Closed Beta 2 Invites - First Round

    It's annoying when people say how long they've played Maplestory then complain about the Beta invites. Listen, that doesn't matter in the slightest. It's meant to choose people all across the board, if you didn't get it, so what? It's a beta test to see how old players and new players react and see the feedback from that. This one in particular is to stress test their servers.