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  • [WINNERS] Maple Runway - Winter Wear Edition

    IGN: MelonTea
    Server: Oceania

    The Nutcracker: An Alternate Story
    (A Muros Studio Production)

    It's Christmas Eve once again, and the toys in Doll Kingdom are preparing for a celebration the next day.
    The nutcracker's second in command is dressed for the occasion:

    Visiting the Mouse King's nephew in Berrysweet castle, snacking on sweets. The Mouse King's nephew has a favor to ask- The Nutcracker's evil step brother, the Wind-up Commander is stealing all the Christmas goodies!
    "Please stop him! He is currently on Blacknov No.2"
    "Okay, I accept your request"

    After defeating the Wind-up Commander, the nutcracker's second in command decides she needs a well deserved reward- A visit to the Land of Sweets!:

    Outfit Attire:

    Head: Classic Hair Ribbon
    Top: NutcrackerVest (My UGC)
    Bottom: NutcrackerStockings (My UGC)
    Back: Meister Light Wings
    Earrings: Gold Ribbon Earrings (F)
    Gloves: Berg Hand Brake Gloves
    Shoes: Berg Wool Boots

    Artist Notes:
    Initially, I aimed to create one of those Ugly Christmas Sweaters as an outfit. However, with the recent release of "The Nutcracker and the Four Realms", the tune of "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy" was stuck in my head and I changed the outfit attire to be Nutcracker themed. I went for a bold and smart look for the top. The colour scheme was selected to compliment the Nutcracker theme with a snowflake embellishment on the back of the vest adorned with rhinestones. The top also has a necklace of the North Star. I decided to go for a cuter look for the bottoms, with a tartan skirt (said to be inspired by the Spirit of Christmas) and a pair of nutcrackers stockings. Here is the 360 view of the attire (Not part of competition submission but for interest) (Also I have no money for the hair:():
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  • [WINNERS] House Builders - Winter Wonder Homes

    IGN: MelonTea
    Server: Oceania

    Enchanted Snow Globe
    Enter the magical snow globe to visit Santa and his reindeers! There are many sights and activities to enjoy during your stay here: Skate on the frozen lake with the penguins, sing carols under a giant Christmas tree, observe as Rudolph coaches his fellow reindeers in preparation for Christmas, find for partridges in the pear trees, or relax near a cozy fireplace out from the cold.

  • The UGC fees aren't fixing anything, we need ban.

    On the OCE server, after the UGC patch last Friday, not long after some people posted an ahegao hoodie and a couple of ripped Nier2B costumes (inc. variations) on the UGC design shop. Its been almost a week since I've reported them but the designs have not been taken down as of yet.

    Meanwhile, at least 30% of the top sellers (on the first 3 pages) are ripped content that have not been removed since I reported them over 3 weeks ago. Where is the UGC moderation on OCE??
  • UGC update 11/8

    Hello, I am a casual UGC designer from the OCE server. I am not an arts major but have some knowledge with photoshop to make decent UGC content. I just wanted to point out that average sales in our server are maybe around 2-3 sales/ month. This new listing fee would mean that I would need to make much more sales in 3 months to break even, during which I would be unable to alter listing fees should the item not sell fast enough. I would also need to put in more effort to promote my items via world chat, which would require more merets spent. For the time and effort spent designing UGC content from drawings to in-game clothes, this new system doesn't seem to encourage me to design any further.