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July 12, 1988
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I’m a French Canadian 30 years old woman! I’m an Associate Producer in a video game studio so sometimes I disappear because of work =(

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  • (✿◠﹏◠)/ Gailrin's Design Corner \(◠﹏◠✿) NA West

    You're very talented!
  • Toodles from Canada!

    Ascended wrote: »
    Hello SunnyWindy from the Mid West (Iowa).
    My wife and I are in our 40's lol, so its good to see there are other older players in this game. I thought everyone were teens being I never heard of Maple Story other than a Facebook ad.
    SunnyWindy wrote: »
    ...I'm an associate producer for the Call of Duty franchise...

    ...I really love cosmetics and decorating, can't wait to dig further into the building system! <3

    WOW! Now, don't go intimidating us with your cloth and furniture designs lol jk.

    Surprisingly, most of the people I've played with are in their 20s!

    And no worry about my designs, I'm in production, not an artist haha!
  • I have a few issues with the game.

    7.2. Chat profanity filter
    Setting aside the fact that it doesn't work properly and words from foreign languages get censored while writing 'nibba' doesn't raise any flags, the main issue is that we as players can't do anything about it. I personally don't swear much, but I don't want to be limited if I was to, for example, discuss matters of religion or politics with my guildmates or random people on the map (and those, as we all know, are hard to talk about without swearing) or to guess what they meant when suddenly there are three censored words next to one another. It's not a christian minecraft server and we are not children. Actually the Internet breaks children even before they touch any mmo. I don't think that a game is the place to have policed speech. I understand however that there are some people who would rather keep their chat with less swears and more ***. Therefore my questions is, why can't we all be happy and just have an option to choose whether or not we want to see all the cursing or not.

    Just a question about this though, why do you think that MS2 is the right place to discuss such topics? Honest question.

    MS1 was rated Everyone 10+, keeping that in mind, I can see why swearing is censored the way it is. MS2 is likely Everyone 10+.
  • Introduction of Zesa

    Welcome! I was one of the people with the forum issue as well :P

    Hope you have a great time!
  • Nexon Banned Me for a Picture of a Broom.

    Dystopiq wrote: »
    It's a broom. If you see something else, then your heart is in the wrong place. Don't blame me for your shortcomings.
    Xphobia wrote: »
    You obviously know what you did wrong. Stop playing the victim and learn from your mistake, although I doubt you'll learn anything.

    Maybe next time you shouldn't put a suggestive image? Crazy thought, I know.