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  • 10053 Error Megathread

    Meno1234 wrote: »
    Alright most of you don't understand this.

    It's your DCHP fault or IP addresses, Maplestory 2 reactions very awkwardly towards that, Your DCHP or IP address resets daily which makes maplestory client freak out and give out the error 10053, I made a post called "Guy's I found a solution for error 10053" and it helped couple of people out.

    Here's a link to solutions post I made and it helped people get to play the game

    So if every other game works except Maplestory 2, that makes it Maplestory 2's fault. They should look into it and fix that connection issue, i paid to play this game, didn't get to play it AND now i also have to fix this myself? I think.. NOT.
  • 10053 Error Megathread

    Luxx wrote: »
    It can't be even the slightest of net twitches that are messing up peoples connection.
    There was someone who said they play with roomates, all share the same connection and wired or not
    and they suffer the constant dc's while their roomates aren't.
    I'm sorry but I'm actually getting pissed off because of this ridiculous BS. It's been over a month and my premium is running
    and I BARELY am able to play. You guys need to stop trying to blame everyone and single
    out all these peoples internet problems and take this friggin' game down and work on it for a few hours.
    This just about warrants an emergency maintenance. it's YOUR servers that's messing us up.
    Here, I'll help you:
    Beta: No one had this problems.
    MushRoyale: Problem starts.
    EA: Problems worsens.
    Release: Problem is 10x worse.

    Now let's think for 3 seconds. "MushRoyale began this problem."
    SOMETHING must've broke during the MushRoyale update.
    You guys need to see what the hell happened during then and fix it from there.

    Nexon, please read this! Oh and i hope for a BIG compensation when you guys realise it's YOUR end of the connection that is messing up. I paid MONEY to play this game and i did NOT get to play what i paid for. Don't leave your customers in the dark when it comes to these kinds of problems, it's bad for business.
  • 10053 Error Megathread

    So after 38 replies, with no actual "fixes" working, it would be great if we could get any kind of update on the situation!
  • 10053 Error Megathread

    Grampas wrote: »
    The error 10053 appeared one day before the official launch.
    I can say rightly that it is impossible that it is the fault of the network of all, I can assure that many played without giving them this error.

    Actually, it didn't. I bought the founders pack for the headstart (Which i haven't been able to play, might i add, which i'm very mad about) and instantly ran into the 10053 problem. I am not the only one since i have read multiple posts that said it was also a problem during the early-registration event of the Mushkin Royale.

    I'm partially mad about the fact that these kinds of issues should be addressed a.s.a.p. because instead of causing minor in-game problems for people, it actually PREVENTS people from playing.. at ALL. I bought the game but am not able to play it, i do hope for some good compensation.

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