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  • [Graphics] Missing Animation from Badge

    Fish Bone Fishing Badge

    All animation is missing from the Fish Bone Fishing Badge.

    As pictured above, the badge is suppose to have (1) a circling swimming fish animation, (2) a watery ring around the chair and (3) a bubbling bubble animation (as shown in the shop when clicked) but when equipped the animations are missing, it's just the chair and rod.

    I have other fishing badges (not the new starlight conch one however) and those animations are working so it looks like it's just this badge which it is broken.... but check the starlight conch one just in case that is broken too.

    EDIT: unsure if it matters but this is broken on the OCE server.
  • World boss kills for event progression


    Just some feedback. I'm over on Oceanic, it's quite, like only 6 people just joined dance dance stop, anyway with such a small group of active players you can imagine what a nightmare it is to kill world bosses on a daily basis for event progression (I'm talking about the powder sugar required each day for the Valentine's day quest.) For example most days I'm chipping away at this solo or at best with another person, with someone else we manage in about 35-40mins, by myself much longer. Sometimes there is enough players (maybe 6-7) and we can take it down sooner but still it takes time, it's not quick and it wastes valuable game time.

    I would love to obtain the valentine's day outfits but almost 2ish hours a day makes this so tiresome boring and downright unfun. Maybe over on the north american realms it's different but for a quite realm asking for world boss kills is a mega time waster if we can't get even one more person to help and right now you're asking us to do it twice a day (I know the sugar can drop more than twice a day but spend almost 2hrs on trying to get the bare minimal and you give up on trying to get extras.)

    My suggestion for improvement is, If you must have to have a world boss kill to progress an event quest then, like thanksgiving and the turkey, please make a unique event world boss that does not have fair fight for us to kill because for those who are going it solo it'll be a much more enjoyable time and will not cut into our game-play time. The other option is to move the event drops off world bosses and move them onto elite bosses (like King Slime.)

    For event cosmetics there is no need to force players through this, again on high pop realms it might be different, but on lower pop realms going at the world bosses solo is a painful experience just for a heart cape.

  • [Suggestion] Cake Vs Pie - it would be so much fun


    Early days of MS1 (do we call it MS1? or vanilla maple? VM? or original MS? OMS?? I never know the right abbreviation to use for maplestory lol) we had a fun event called cake vs pie, it was pretty cool, hunting down bosses, in later years going into the special cake world to fight mobs and the prizes like the name badges where super cute.

    I was just thinking it would be so much fun seeing what the MS2 team could do with this old event in 3D! The foundations are there in MS1 but you could make it truly come to life I think.

    Also 3D cake / pie pets ... ... ... magical!

    Just a suggestion
  • Complete Template Guide *UPDATED*

    Although, I'd like to know if you can use transparent pixels. For example to make a ragged shirt.

    Unfortunately not, what you'll see is the transparent squares on the final product, that's why people get creative with skin tones.

    This is my skin chart (anyone feel free to add your own tones if you think mine are off)

    *please note this swatch is slightly darker but the codes bellow are close to the in game color.

    1. #FBEAE2
    2. #FCE1D6
    3. #FDD2C2
    4. #FFC2AD
    5. #F5B399
    6. #E39D7E
    7. #DB9073
    8. #CE7A58
    9. #B1674A
    10. #7F4C3B
    11. #F8EBDB
    12. #FDE5CD
    13. #FDD5B1
    14. #F3C79A
    15. #E2AF82

    16. #D39E69
    17. #B88A58
    18. #997249
    19. #805737
    20. #68492D

    (I find 12-15 are the most popular skin tones)

    Hope this helps
  • How to make Mesos without dungeons?

    First of all *hug*

    I was in the same boat as you, in my case I focused on trophies and now have well over 1k but now I want to run and actually learn hard dungeons but my guild (who was totally happy with me getting trophies) are either "maxed 30/30" or I'm so under geared (compared to them) that I slow them down so they don't want to run one with me. I try to find groups via finder but I either get kicked, or before the boss dies I get a ultimatum like "800k or you're kicked" (I don't pay so get kicked before boss dies) or I just don't get into a group, I whisper ppl with listings but don't hear back. When I try the automated finder I wait forever and when I do get into a group either everyone leaves right away or it's bots. Refusing to pay for runs (I don't want to AFK and sponge I just want to learn!!) I've had to look elsewhere to make money.

    I believe as of right now I've found a really good money maker, I actually make more money now then those in my guild who just run hard dungeons.

    The answer is boring but it's FISHING, trust me.

    You need master rank as you will need to buy master lures and fish in coco. Right now play mapleopoly as you want as many vouchers as possible, head to coco and fish, if you can afford to auto fish at night when you sleep do that (or when at work/school) then sell everything you fish - EVERYTHING! It's tempting to use the items you get in the heavy oyster boxes but sell those since some are items needed for assistants to use in homes or items you can use to get trophies (best bit is some items sell for 150k+ each), also sell all golden fish (if RNGesus is on your side golden dolphins are 100,000 each, some golden fish are 10,000 and the rest are 1,000 - in a night you can make a few hundred thousand just from selling those), there are also scrap items like rotten coral which you can sell and on occasion (and this is the best bit) you will fish a very rare outfit (mackerel hat and/or a fish theme wep skin) and the hats sell around 20mil and the weps around 50mil - booyah!

    So yeah fishing is a major money maker, oh and make sure you look for fishing parties on finder as fishing in a large group gives you a buff which improves rare catch rates (like the weapon skins.)

    Next if you have premium membership make sure you run your solo premium dungeon once a day as that makes 300k a day.

    Then do your get rich daily missions for the meso sacks (others above have mentioned this.)

    Lastly run one dungeon you can solo fast with ease and make the outfits out of the fragments (forget think 20 fragments makes 1 outfit, maybe less.) Depending on the day the least amount of money you will make from one item is 150k, the best is 3-4mil. What I do is look at black market, see what outfit item is not up or has the least amount and work on that one, they always sell. Yes this chews into your daily 10 limit BUT if you're not getting into hard dungeons don't do nothing, work on making money.

    It will take a week or so but if RNG is good you can be banked for a while, if not you will still make a few million comfortably.

    *once you make a nice chunk teach yourself to most desired attributes for each class, for example piercing/ magical piercing/ physical piercing etc etc, next filter pets on black market to show exceptional+ pets and looks at their attributes. It doesn't happen daily but it does happen at least once a week but someone will sell a non dungeon blue pet for a few hundred thousand (because all of those types of blue pets are at that price in Black Market) but the stats on the pet make it much much more valuable, again if you're lucky you could buy such a pet at a low amount (500k-2mil) and flip it for 30mil+ again can't stress enough it doesn't happen often but it does happen and you need to be watching black market and know what you're looking for for this to really make you good money. The same method can work for gear but more payers are gear savvy while for whatever reason don't pay attention to the pet stats as much.

    Hope this helps (message me if you want to vent about this since I totally get it!)