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  • "Dungeon Limit Change for November " by LAMBCOOK

    I am a firm believer that in normal / hard dungeons there shouldn't be a limit on the amount of dungeons a player can do. But, I am a firm believer on raid limits / lockouts. With the way the game feels now progression is fixed behind either the dungeon limits or the players time to make alts to feed the main gear. I haven't seen a MMO do this type of progression like ever. And this bandaid fix of you can reset your dungeons when you finish all 30. I can't even stand doing hard dungeons anymore now that I am at 60 like a majority of the player base. Fair fight took a 9 minute or less fight to almost 20+ minutes with random players. So because we decided to progress our levels we get hit with a negative for just progressing.

    If the game is to progress into something any type of player can play dungeon limits need to disappear for normal/hard and have a limit and lockout for raids.

    And honestly fix the server times to reflect their actual server locations. If you have a west server put it on pacific time not utc. same goes for the other ones.
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  • Sellout Meso "Guide"

    Coming from someone who has made guides on taught people how to make ingame currency on a number of mmo's this "guide" is garbage. If you want to do a guide put forth better effort and give people other methods as well. As there are a number of current methods to make 500k+ meso's an hour in the current state of the game. For your potion solvent farming you should have explained in the video different locations which good mob density.