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  • how do you move onyx crystals from your alt to mai

    You dismantle the items you get from normal/hard dungeons and those onyx crystals are not bound to the character nor are they bound to the account.

    You find ones that are bound to account, bound to character, and not bound at all which can be placed on the black market.

    And we use the bank to move items from 1 character to the other.
  • "Dungeon Limit Change for November " by LAMBCOOK

    I am a firm believer that in normal / hard dungeons there shouldn't be a limit on the amount of dungeons a player can do. But, I am a firm believer on raid limits / lockouts. With the way the game feels now progression is fixed behind either the dungeon limits or the players time to make alts to feed the main gear. I haven't seen a MMO do this type of progression like ever. And this bandaid fix of you can reset your dungeons when you finish all 30. I can't even stand doing hard dungeons anymore now that I am at 60 like a majority of the player base. Fair fight took a 9 minute or less fight to almost 20+ minutes with random players. So because we decided to progress our levels we get hit with a negative for just progressing.

    If the game is to progress into something any type of player can play dungeon limits need to disappear for normal/hard and have a limit and lockout for raids.

    And honestly fix the server times to reflect their actual server locations. If you have a west server put it on pacific time not utc. same goes for the other ones.
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  • Excited about the Million Players Celebration??

    Greta wrote: »
    Nexon: "We reached 1 million players! Let's celebrate everyone!"

    *decides to cater to nolifers who already reached 60 level*

    Should have made a more reasonable requirement. Like 30lvl. Most players have work/school so not a lot of us had enough time to reach such levels.
    Nexon and their weird logic lol.

    Honestly people with level 60's are not nolifers. Game has been out for over a week. It doesn't take much to reach 50 and it takes less than 2 days of casual play to reach 60 from level 50. So you can expect to have your first 60 in under 4 days. Also, it's hard to make an event happen to accommodate everyone. There will always be people who are not at the requirements to participate.
  • Fire Dragon needs to be fixed..

    Honestly, I don't see an issue with FD clear it normally in under 10 min with pugs. For a hard dungeon I think 10 minute battles is appropriate.
  • What skills should I be specing into?

    Here is the current endgame meta. Since fire is meta till later on this is the build with the most damage output.