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  • The UGC fees aren't fixing anything, we need ban.

    They need to start permanent ban anyone who do rips, they are not going to stop until real punishment starts happening.

    maybe of their second strike.
    What if someone actually took the time to actually make something but so happens someone actually made that item
    and now they're permanently banned because it looks far too similar to that other person's idea?
    That does happen, in the art world, sometimes.
  • I found a nasty griefing tactic

    Am I the only one that read these in voices that match the character's face in the profile picture?
    Anyway, This does look like trolling but sometimes this happens to me and I'm 4.3k gear score. Que for a party, I'm a priest
    then all of a sudden there is like 2 people left in a party.
  • MS2 Has potential, but is Setup to be Toxic ATM

    Tsene wrote: »
    Clericeru wrote: »
    When I first started playing, I would go with anyone no matter how low their gs. Hell, the 75 min fire dragon (75:56 to be exact) I did once was insane, but understand that the learning experience was important for them. The first runs weren't too boring either. Now I just want to get on and be done with my runs. The joy has just vanished for me.

    Trust me, I've run countless FDs at this point. I could probably do it with my eyes closed, and neither can I say it's super fun to do. Yet I don't mind doing it slower if I can help others.

    But as I said, there's no shame in wanting quick runs. It just does create a problem when those are the only ones that excist.

    Fire dungeon is becoming over elite as well.
    Why not to long ago I got some jerk telling me I was stupid because I was attack healing and chasing it
    when I didn't know they wanted to stack up. How was I suppose to know, if you don't tell me?
    Also, why stoop so low as to call people out for not reading your mind? It was a horrible experience.
    Make things worst, I as a priest outscored him and he got even madder. "You were stupid, wasting 5 minutes of my time, not doing what you need to be doing."
    I healed, buffed and I attacked it, what else am I suppose to be doing??? writing a book about our adventures?
  • Nexon Stop the 2x Drops

    Boozy wrote: »

    Everyone has a different idea of "fun" and my "fun" is playing something really hardcore

    you realize you're playing maplestory 2 maybe the least hardcore game I can think of right?

    i'd agree, only problem is people are trying to make it hardcore. Already, in hard dungeons, people are trying to get people overly
    qualified and single out anyone not. I seen so many ask fo4 4k, 5k GS for FD, Lab and wanted priests to go full dps then turn around
    and get upset because the heals were bad and or the priest got the most damage because he or she was doing what you asked them to do
    and there is a such thing as pots.
  • [NA-Middle East] How much Skin is too much?

    Saraneth wrote: »
    Bulbasaur wrote: »
    Bizu wrote: »
    being able to wear panties underneath your over-sized shirts and hoodies is a fashion choice for some women / kids. There's nothing inherently wrong with panties until someone else add the sexual context to them.

    So you think there's nothing wrong with showing your underwear in public? Lol.

    This is a game. Not the public.

    But no. I don't see an issue even if you were out in public irl. Why so sensitive?

    Yeah I don't see an issue either. If I recall right, Panties were designed so that you don't show off your areas, either way...
    It's a piece of clothing you're using to cover up yourself like the rest of your clothing. They were invented to keep out stuff that would cause problems
    and to keep in anything that would be embarrassing. I don't see why anyone even gets turned on by underwear in the first place.