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  • Character pics/face (Lightheart inquiry.)

    Am I the only one that see's a face and read what they say, in the voice you think their character seem like they'll have?
    Even in game, even though the classes have certain distinct voices for all, the faces just make their voice a little bit different, in my head when I read their dialogue.
    Is that weird? Like this Deer profile picture, idk but I give it like a refined yet really cute British accent, when I read someone's post
    that has it.

    Maybe I go off into Lala land when I read far too often.
  • The UGC fees aren't fixing anything, we need ban.

    They need to start permanent ban anyone who do rips, they are not going to stop until real punishment starts happening.

    maybe of their second strike.
    What if someone actually took the time to actually make something but so happens someone actually made that item
    and now they're permanently banned because it looks far too similar to that other person's idea?
    That does happen, in the art world, sometimes.
  • The UGC fees aren't fixing anything, we need ban.

    eh, Use to all of this, none of the stuff I took the time to work on has sold, I'll probably just make them for me personally.
    The perverted sexy stuff mixed with plagiarized content is what sells the most. Forget that kids are playing the game.
    I just chose to enjoy the fun, or what is left of it. Either way, the dogs will have their day.
  • MS2 Has potential, but is Setup to be Toxic ATM

    Tsene wrote: »
    Clericeru wrote: »
    When I first started playing, I would go with anyone no matter how low their gs. Hell, the 75 min fire dragon (75:56 to be exact) I did once was insane, but understand that the learning experience was important for them. The first runs weren't too boring either. Now I just want to get on and be done with my runs. The joy has just vanished for me.

    Trust me, I've run countless FDs at this point. I could probably do it with my eyes closed, and neither can I say it's super fun to do. Yet I don't mind doing it slower if I can help others.

    But as I said, there's no shame in wanting quick runs. It just does create a problem when those are the only ones that excist.

    Fire dungeon is becoming over elite as well.
    Why not to long ago I got some jerk telling me I was stupid because I was attack healing and chasing it
    when I didn't know they wanted to stack up. How was I suppose to know, if you don't tell me?
    Also, why stoop so low as to call people out for not reading your mind? It was a horrible experience.
    Make things worst, I as a priest outscored him and he got even madder. "You were stupid, wasting 5 minutes of my time, not doing what you need to be doing."
    I healed, buffed and I attacked it, what else am I suppose to be doing??? writing a book about our adventures?
  • Anyone else losing motivation to play?

    I'm not losing any patience to play the game itself, it's more about certain players. I just got out of a dungeon where people got upset at me for trying to damage the boss while heal and stand in one stop to try to stick the boss, Fire Dragon. Which I went in again, stood there and the boss still ran all over the place, while I still healed and buffed whenever possible.

    I stood there with them so they don't have to go down and get the fire buff off, which by the way I do get it off because I rather have a good score.
    But I never knew about this in the first place, so someone by the name of Hawki blows up on me and tells me not to burst a brain cell to figure it out.
    OK, I've been off of MS2 for 2 weeks. How am I suppose to know that mechanic play just returning to the game, when all of my party just wanted to attack the boss, and get out of there?
    Instead of asking me "can you stack up on us?" no he tries to call me out even though I got a better score then he did, got my A with his B
    and kept them alive except when they get one hit or overly stacked with fire and drop into the hole when it's not doing the laser,
    thereby avoiding my heals, that I have to chase them down for, which rather keep more alive if in danger over one straggler leaving the area when he wanted me
    to stack in the first place. SO two people end up with a B and I have my A and
    they get even more upset because I have an A and they have a B and said "I'm stupid for not doing what I'm suppose to do and wasting
    5 minutes and got them lower grade scores.

    Wait, hold on, One, I'm suppose to be healing your butt and buffing, which I have been.
    Two, how can I give you a lower grade when nothing I do affects what the dungeon personally gives you?
    Three, you expect any healer, after you try to talk crap about them, because they didn't know waht you wanted, to consider continue to heal you because you're being a dirt bag?

    Maybe I didn't know about the boss sticking in one area, which I still haven't seen,
    maybe I didn't know you wanted me to stack. Next time, let me read your mind like all other Priests do.

    Oh, btw, why join a random team who will be randomized and do whatever they want, if you wanted to be more coordinated
    It's simple, you're in a guild join with your guild mates or do a party finder. "Staking pt FD, must be stkd"