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  • "State of the Game Week 2" by Jungsoo Lee

    I have seen more negative than positive feedback on fair fight and I think I'm not the only one. I really wish that you have just mistaken the minority to be a majority, but I am really worried that you are purposefully ignoring the feedbacks.

    How about this: Instead of percentage reduction of your original damage, I think it would be better to allow 100% damage up to a certain cap, then any additional damage beyond that be reduced by a certain reasonable percentage, decreasing exponentially as the additional damage is higher. This would reward the players who are higher up in progression while still providing the challenge. In addition, the exponential decrease would ensure that you won't have to tweak and re-tweak the formula every time you release new and better gear. I'm one of those people that think that fair fight itself can stay, but certainty not in the current form.

    Good job on the spam, by the way. Some of them are still getting through but I have seen an noticeable decrease on "BUY GOLDS PL0X WE GIVE LIKE 0.01% DISCOUNT GOOD DEAL" messages. Keep it up.
  • We can't get both Hats from the Stamp event?

    I think they intended for people to pick out the ones that fit their set, but didn't account for people who would want both of them. I personally would love to have the ghost, but had to pick the hat because that's the only way for me to complete the set. I wish they allowed us to pick one but get the other one through the Halloween coin shop.
  • 1 Million Players Event Unfair

    I think it would have been much better if they gave increasing rewards depending on your level. Then it would have given incentive for people to level up while still having something for people who couldn't get to 60.
  • What are your real thoughts on the cash shop (USD)

    I think it is expensive, but I prefer this than p2w. I wouldn't be buying style crates since the prices for coin shop (assuming the worst RNG, since fortune never smiles on me Q_Q) is too expensive imo. I wanted the witch wing if it was anywhere between $5~10 but $21 is just too much. I'm the kind of player who spends low amounts of money consistently, that's why I spent around $100 on League of Legends. If they sold 10 skins for $100 I would have never bought it, but because they sold each for $10 I did.

    TBH I think style crates are okay as long as there are more items you can buy for a flat price at cash shop. That would make both whales and small consumers like me happy. Also I would like to see more templates on design shop, the weapon skins we have right now are pretty bad.

    Again I prefer this than p2w, but still... I think it could be better.
  • East or West for Mexico

    I'm guessing it would be West for pings. I heard East has more players though.