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  • Kiritas Expansion Special Hairstyles?

    No im afraid thats not broken and yes its RNG and yea can give you the same hair since it counts as random even with only collours being changed so unless you get the desired hair you want you just have to collect the coupons for hairs you didnt wanted.
    So unless you are lucky the desired haircut can be really expensive unwillingly.
    But i do know how you feel and the over all coupon count should be halved as 15 is way to much.
  • People don't want Dungeon Cap removal. They want..

    Ginsama wrote: »
    Welp. Title won't fit.

    People don't want Dungeon Cap removal. They want a way to catch up, even if partially, to the day one grinders.

    It is a legit issue to a good sector of players that they were around days/weeks/ months after an update and have to deal with a toxic set of people who kick them from parties for not having....

    A. Full gems
    B. an Arbitrary upgrade level
    C. Perfect lines
    If I'm missing something feel free to tell me.

    It's a growing complaint that I see that people want to remove dungeon caps so that they can keep playing to gear up. I find that the core of these desires are not being able to reach the same heights, but rather to enjoy the content others are enjoying.

    The idea is supposed to be that higher tier players carry lower ones as time goes on. I agree this helps and that the PTSD of the community post-chaos rises is doing a lot better at helping them out. But there needs to be more that can be done

    I'm at a loss as to what to suggest when my best ideas all involve attacking the trade restrictions that I have repeatedly criticized in the past as harming the games ability to foster new players and keep old ones. These trade restrictions , in this context, affect gems and the current level 60 equipment we don't have trade ribbons for. For a newbie player, there is no way to get a full-gemset required to pug non-toxically in a period of time where it will be relevant, and they can't even work their asses off to farm for even a weak fodder weapon to bridge them through content.

    Lemme just say one thing

    Expecting higher power players to foster newbies is not a reliable concept to depend on for game health

    Depending on such charity means dooming anyone who can't find higher level friends, it means certain people will never reach endgame ( o/ this was me trying to get my first pap clear to get into infernog), and it means the toxic element of your game has greater power over game health than usual.

    Anyway, those are my feelings on the matter. I understand that the dungeon caps are not going away, and in a way, I like that because it means I don't have to stress. But catchup mechanics, in particular, need some love. Whether it be tradeable gems , expediting when we get trade ribbons, or something else, I felt this all needed to be said.

    THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I SAY THE WHOLE FU.... TIME !!! YES someone else also noticed this and dosnt have butt load of lies to make lame excuses...
    also you forgot to mention you can get help from end game players BUT only if you flush tons on meso on them per dungeon run.
  • [EU] Which designs would you like to see?

    honestly if i want something id i make it my self but i usualy only make sci-fi things so im open for anything especialy if you are skilled skin maker but
    FOR LOVE OF GOD can you consider making skins for tanned skin players as well ?
    there are some gread skins out there but they are only with the sickly pale skins only...
    if you want some general ideas or if you wanna make skins personally for me i take the offer (and of corse id pay it for you as well)
    anyway over all what seem to sale the best is always the casual things and than the skimpy things anything else dosnt seem to make much profit.
  • What do you would change about Marplestory 2?

    1st glamour anvils need to be on shop and should support everything from lvl 1 hate it or not but low lvl weapons look 50x better than lvl 50+ and up

    2nd this will be hated by everyone but i have to say it
    add bots for dungeons if you only play little at a time and dont have 24/7 or guild your stuck with random party which in most cases half leaves since there will be no priest..and as such your stuck and cant progress because players are greedy. i know bots are not any better but sigh what ever just leave it...

    3rd change or remove life skills they are boring tidius useless....

    4th for the LOVE OF GOD remove those damn stupid things on mounts no one will waste meret on upgrading mount so it can ride on water or wont go away when you get hit its useless and should be just in game and dont tell me you really make cash of that nexon >.>
  • My problem with dungeon caps and other content.

    The over all gear progresion sucks with it as well
    let see
    you get the lvl 60 gears from last update cool right ? NOPE because they are only usefull for lvl 50 things but 60 ? HELL NAAA
    so what you can do well nothing you have to do lvl 60 dungeon which is STUPIDLY hard as even basic mobs kill you in 2 hits
    if you have bad luck like me you will be forced to run random partys and at like 60% you get wiped
    now lets say you get some gears after like 20 runs (i dont even consider the random gears you get per run since i always get something for other jobs)
    well and since that random party that goes for like 2 to 4 weeks (unless you support greedy players and pay them meso of corse)

    anyway after all that you get your gears and now YOU HAVE TO waste all your mats to +15 JUST to access another even harder dungeon that will actualy drop gears that make some impact on the game which also will cost much more to upgrade.

    so the all progression goes from crappy gears to getting just bit less crappy gears waste all your materials and meso to + em up just to access place that will actually drop something that has some value where you will be forced to farm another 6 weeks just to upgrade those.

    yeahhhhhh that sounds really fun...
    especially if you get like only 4 hours a day to play and random party since i dont support greedy peeps and dont tell me you cant make meso and guilds
    well guilds..
    uh...lets just say i dont wanna curse..

    i dont mind the dungeon limits but even tho they are there it dosnt help the game and overall progression to anyone who is behind.