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  • Meret Market Renewal Notice

    This really just sounds only like a way to make the gacha more fat with more prices make it expensive and with more trash in it making anything desired to get that much harder.
    You really just making the trashy mabinogi gacha with its 0.11% win rate into maple story 2 now....
    Say what you want but i can sence that lame machine rates right now
    main prices (purple and gold meybe?) 3% at max
    secondary items (blue) 5-7% at max
    3rd price range (green) 12-20%
    4rd price range (grey) 30%
    trash all the rest %
  • Maplestory 2 dead ?

    YES its dead and it will BE DEAD

    It has stupid grind system with more stupid RNG on end and is limited by week to week AND all that can also end with nothing.
    Most ppl are toxic and even less of them never helps anyone.
    Guilds are fu....g useless most of them only have like 10 ppl helping each other and dont care about the rest and if you become member of some guild you most likely just end as dead block that is there only so the guild has more numbers.
    Players pick ppl for party only based on what gears they have nothing else.
    (reason why i gave up and quitted) i dont even know what raids are like or any of the high lvl duns i just cant do them no matter what. Eternally stuck on 50/60 content because of game system.
    Nearly all end game players cry about that near end game gear can be sold yet most of them sale it anyway thanks to that gold sites prosper and game economy is dead flat just like in mabinogi.

    This game is doomed to die and it happens ever since it started
    unless there will be some massive change to this stupidly fu...d up system this game will close down.
    Dont believe me ?
    even forums are dead look at it there are few living good souls here but after them the forum is dead just like the game.
  • [COMPLETE] Scheduled Maintenance - July 25

    and so soul shield on soulbinder got huge nerf from 80% to 64% ...
    well time to delete my soulbinder good job nexon you made good protection skill useless yay...
  • Things I've learned as a new player.

    OldMapler wrote: »
    I have been playing MS2 for almost 2 months and found it very challenging to play the game.

    The biggest challenge for me was that people don't accept low DPS users. I understand that they want guaranteed fast runs but this really limits new players like me.

    I tried to do PB for last few days and got kicked without saying for about 7 times. FYI, my attack score is a little over 300,000.

    This creates a big gap between the old and new users even more because I don't think I will be able to use all 6 dungeon runs for this week. As I fall behind I will continuously get kicked in the future updates and not likely to catch up with the old users.

    There aren't any alternative methods to progress in the game other than hoping that getting accepted by generous players.

    I am sure I'm not this only one who faces these difficulties.

    I don't think MS2 will do anything about it but just wanted players and MS2 know some thoughts from new users.

    There were also some good people who helped me to get to this far but I hit the wall and here is where my MS2 ends.



    This game progression mechanic is total CRAP and only those users who have end game gears will defend it they wont care or help you unless you pay them meso or you find reall friendly guild.
    this game dies out slowly thanks to this shi... system
    RNG and massive cost (with low income) yes talk about you onyx D:
    im totally at same boat like you stuck with very hard possibility to progress
  • [SUGGESTIONS] Style Crate Outfits & Hair Styles

    me01205 wrote: »
    I'd personally like to see these hairs:


    for some od reason that was in the game on start than it got removed and later was there only for event from ticket why it was removed that stays mystery o: i got it since i liked it back where maple was only running Mushking royale but it never has ben in main game i would still wish to know the reason why it was removed but so far it stays only as hair style for the chosen.