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  • Nexon Stop the 2x Drops

    CLC wrote: »

    Double drops isn't that big of a deal
    > the bots are devaluing normal dungeons more than regular players

    Yes and the bots have access to double drops.
    And it doesn't matter because they're bots and the items would still have completely tanked.
    But let's not bring common sense to this. Gotta get irrationally angry over an event that's helped 50% more people get into hard dungeons.

    Why not just give everyone max gear so they can go to raids?

    If you do the epic quest from 1-50 you can already enter hard dungeons. Let's flame the other guy for disagreeing with you on the forums.
  • "Recent Incident With our Staff" by Jungsoo Lee

    thd wrote: »
    no. they actually should identify who that GM is. so that, he/she will never ever be able to get another job in any gaming industry. I know it's not going to happen, but I personally hope that in an incident like this, they should reveal this GM's identity to all of us so that he/she can be publically embarrassed and humiliated so that same mistakes won't occur.

    Why stop there?

    Death penalty.

    Why stop there?

    Anyone who has said anything disrespectful even when they were 3.

    Death penalty.
  • We need more specific guidelines around UGC.

    Bizu wrote: »
    The outfit on the left was taken down, while the outfit on the right is in Nexon's shop, being sold for NX. Why is the one on the right okay and the one on the left is not?

    The one on the left is much more revealing.
    -Buttons are stretched out.
    -Can see the body where the buttons are stretched out
    -Shows more cleavage
    -A lot more emphasis on the body.

    The one on the right is just an over sized shirt.
    -Can see the bra
    -Can see the shoulders

    They actually are quite different when it comes to being over sexual.
  • [GUIDE] Get Rich Objects Location and Alternatives

    Great post, but could it be possible to recommend better maps? ie:

    Rolling tires (Frostbunny Park)
    -Dungeon - Golden Tower Elevator (Golden Tower 4F requirement)
  • You guys shouldn't ban things like this...

    Tonto151 wrote: »
    Really? A MAGA hat? Come on man, don't be that guy. Everyone hates that guy.

    Sure you can hate that guy, but isn't he allowed to wear a hat of his choice?