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  • Nexon Stop the 2x Drops

    DracoKami wrote: »
    Any newcomers that come in following double drops will have to work like anyone else. When the new chaos dungeons come out everyone will be on similar footing.

    Yes, but work much less than anyone else. While I do think this is a good thing it's extremely forced by Nexon.
  • How can I destroy/discard items?

    Drag drop
  • Improve Player Stats For Hard Dungeons

    Aynix wrote: »
    I’m so glad the fan boys finally confirmed how blind they are to the massive difference in HP. As a matter of fact, I do move around, so quit assuming I don’t. The movements are so often that every aggro wave my DPS becomes zero. Not only are the AoE unavoidable when caught up in, the NPCS don’t do jack squat to help players. All they do is sit around, waiting to make a portal for round two. Unlike me who actually tries to stay away from the hits, only to get knocked into some lava, and the next thing you know... a laser one shots me because I’m a mage. The one here without experience here is you, Wizards are far too out of balance for 2.7k HP to mean jack against a boss with 5bil HP.

    I can clear Fire Dragon having 500 hp, w/o priest.

    Get guders are why games fail when bugs or issues with mechanics aren't reported.
    So get off my thread and my back, and take your pride elsewhere.
    Oh, and if you've never made a mistake in your life, then you're not a human.

    Taking someone's bait how you lose all your support. Instead of flaming him, maybe learn that it is possible to take very little damage off fd then improve yourself?
  • "Recent Incident With our Staff" by Jungsoo Lee

    thd wrote: »
    Elliebird wrote: »
    I'm glad that action was taken against the GM's account, and I'm glad that their identity hasn't been disclosed. In no way should people be encouraged to harass someone, especially in today's world where witch hunts can snowball so quickly out of control. What that person did was wrong and they've been punished for it- They don't need it to follow them for the rest of their lives.

    you kidding? it should follow them for the rest of their lives, otherwise they are going to do it again! again! and again!.

    You need to chill out.
  • What's The Truth Behind Piercing?

    "What makes Piercing good?
    It has some of the best return on investment when it comes to yield. The more Piercing you have, the more powerful the stat is. The stat provides roughly a 42.8% increase in damage output when reaching the hidden cap of 30%. However at lower Piercing amounts the stat is not much more powerful than other stats, so commit hard to Piercing."

    "What is the difference between Piercing and Physical/Magic Piercing?
    Piercing counters Defense while Physical/Magic Piercing counters Physical/Magic Resistance. Monsters as of right now don’t have particularly very high resistance, and you won’t really see as much of an effect with this stat for now. Come November and Chaos raids, the bosses do have resistance you’ll want to pierce through. Piercing is typically the far stronger stat."