May 27th is finally upon us. Please feel free to join us on the last day as the servers come down one by one. More details here:
MapleStory 2's servers will be officially closing on May 27th:



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  • Let's hear your opinion on P2W

    WiLBoY wrote: »
    Lol you said I couldn't clear any raids, what else am I supposed to say. If you want examples, you missed a post after the initial post.

    Come on, you can just send me a link before everything happened. Is it that hard ? and u also assumed that I am doing normal raid, right ? or you simply want to fight me since I found you talk crap to me in many posts includes the closed ones.
  • Let's hear your opinion on P2W

    WiLBoY wrote: »
    Not only can you not read my examples, but you are incompetent enough to provide your own. Great job buddy. You are more dumb than I thought. No wonder you do normal chaos raids.
    You are too dumb to do any raid. Thats why you are jealous of other people who are doing normal raid. You have no idea what raid I am doing right now.
    Come on, show me your opinion and examples. How come bots are needed in this game ? Stop replying me if you cannot give anything useful
  • Let's hear your opinion on P2W

    WiLBoY wrote: »
    You are just a little kid who doesn't see the big picture of things. Please learn to read. I stated sometimes they are required depending on the population. Clearly you lack experience and your iq is below average.

    Come back with a better explanation and maybe I can take you seriously. Please address gold sinks and fixed prices unless changes to the game are made.
    Your statement confirmed that you are brain damaged and don't want to support the game. You blurted out craps without giving us an example or situation when bots are needed.
    In my opinion, Bots will never be required because Nexon will balanced the game before that happen. Any game requires bots to maintain will die fast. In my experience, only Chinese P2W MMOs usually need bots. You must played them too much and you need to wake up yourself ASAP. Be patient, many problems will be solved when they release meret trade.
  • steamcharts for Maplestory 2

    Most of them are bots. and divided by many servers. The actual number of players in each server is terrible.
    Pro players do chaos raid and sell runs
    Noobs do hard dungeon only.
    what else can we do ?
  • Exchange 5 or 10 B1 Keys for B4 Mine Key

    Great idea. Liked !

    Let's talk about how many B1 key for a B4 key is reasonable.
    People are selling B4 for 4M to 5M recently, and each character need 5x B4 key per week. It will cost 20M to 25M total.
    Analyze the first B1 key will cost 100k, the second will cost 300k, the third will cost 500k and each additional key will cost 200k more than the previous one.
    So we can see that analyze 6 keys per day is going to cost 3.6M. It will be 25.2M for about 42x B1 keys per week. A little bit more than expected but acceptable, therefore 8x B1 keys for a B4 key should be fair.