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  • Why I Quit Maplestory 2 (W/ Suggestions for Nexon)

    Dark Descent is competition so I wouldn't share with people how to you get ahead of me.
    For the jems you really haven't been looking then took me 10 seconds to go to youtube and find 3 videos

    For Dark Descent. People wont share experience. This is what the original poster was complaining about in reason 2. Experienced players want to keep the gap between newbies. You supported his opinion.
    For the gem, I googled Maplestory 2 gemstone farming. Two of the top 3 from searching result are from KMS2 and CMS2. The other one left is just a basic introduction of gemstone.
  • Knight's Power Over Other Classes

    The PVP is imbalanced. There is nothing wrong with knight.
    With +15 weapon, the person who land the first hit will win
  • Why I Quit Maplestory 2 (W/ Suggestions for Nexon)

    Your reason number two is complete BS. There are guides for almost everything in this game and stop acting like top players are obligated to help anyone.

    Couldn't find any English guide for Dark Descent floor 15 plus
    Also no gem farming and upgrading guide.
  • Too Much RNG and Classes are imbalanced

    Ain't nothing wrong with anything that you said.

    I rather play with RNG then give everyone a free ride to +15/Lv5 Gems. And No, I don't have either of these, but it keeps me playing to get better.

    There is no "highest dps class", it's all about skill. Let's say if you gave a new person who just entered Chaos Raids who doesn't know the mechs a character who can dish out 200m on Cdev, you think that new player will be able to do 200m with the same gear? Of course not. Why? Because it takes skill. A person in Cdev, with +13, can outdps a person with +15, why do you think that happens?

    At the same time, I seen zerks, sins and mages at the bottom of the list with the knight, again, why do you think that happens?? Its all about skill.

    You think Thief is low DPS? I seen Thieves do 100m damage in Cdev, and beat zerkers, mages, sins, any class you thought was "High DPS"

    Stop blaming the game for your shortcomings

    Getting full +15 legendary and 9x level 5 gems for free will take a year at least. Do you want to grind for a year only for those free stuffs ?

    About the top DPS class, I really don't agree with you. For example, your party is looking for DPS. Are you going to choose knight and priest instead of zerk and sin when you dont know their skill ?
  • Too Much RNG and Classes are imbalanced

    WhyWhy wrote: »
    Class withing the highest dps is the best class , Not so much , raid requires different class to fill a certain role , best example is HG/RB for adds in cdev, you can do tons of dmg as a zerk , but if u are also doing adds , rip ur damage

    If I am a zerk with 200m dps, i can put an priest up there for healing adds instead of an HG.
    If i am a wiz with good dps, i can pretty much do it with 1 knight and 8 priest.