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  • NEXON Should Give Everyone Everything

    Neospector wrote: »
    Right, and the point is you shouldn't care so much about it. Don't get piercing 4.0%? Curse and scream to the wind, it helps alleviate frustration. But that doesn't mean you're locked out of content, it doesn't mean you aren't progressing, and it isn't the end of the world just because you don't get piercing 4.0%.

    Not having min-maxed everything doesn't mean you're incapable of playing the game.
    At the very least, not getting the stats you want isn't a good reason to quit or otherwise throw tantrums, despite how many people tend to act.
    I will just quit if I don't care about it. There are some people that always working on their goals and I am one of them.

    I don't have to have piercing 4.0% for everything but its always better to have it. Everybody wants to be better.

    RNG encourages people to be lazy. Hard working is nothing, you are not getting closer to your goal. Just buy lottery and sitting at home, RNG will win money for you. Do you want this kind of life if you are fine with RNG ?
  • NEXON Should Give Everyone Everything

    Naho wrote: »
    and do you think it's because of the rng ? or because of the community stupidity? and by the time it become like that you will have to start from 0 with a new gear
    I blame RNG for not giving me piercing 4.0%. No matter what I did, I am not getting closer to it.

    Everybody will start from 0 with new gear after future updates. This will not fix the RNG problem. I will not get anything good with hard working or spending instead of RNG
  • I'd like to ask. What's really wrong?

    mirta000 wrote: »
    WiLBoY wrote: »
    Welcome to Korean MMOs. Your first rodeo?

    Besides BDO which game that uses heavy RNG as an MMO is doing well in the West? MS2 being a western release should we hold MS2 to a western standard, or not?

    I think the RNG in BDO is not too bad since ppl can buy cron stones to avoid downgrade which means playing a lot or spending a lot can actually get you end game gears.
    In GMS2, there is no way to get a piercing 4.0% except RNG
  • NEXON Should Give Everyone Everything

    I like your idea, however, I still dont think those end game stuffs should be totally free.
    I want to see people can get end game gears with effort instead of RNG. For example. Using 50 weapons can make +15 with 100% success rate. Upgrade blue pets to epic with mats. Let players choose the bonus stats that they want but they need to increase the stats to maximum with something
  • my 2cents in about onyx being account bound

    Gear and pets should be account bound too.