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  • We need DPS calculator

    You can always enable the personal performance meter which is located in Options>Interface>4th checkbox down, and calculate your DPS that way.

    I guess you only read my title.
    I want to have a fitting room to test any gears with any stats for free because I cannot actually buy those gears first and test them on dummy.
  • We need DPS calculator

    We need a website or in game content that could let us use any item with any stats for free so that we can see which combination is the best choice. We will be able to choose our stats wisely and we will have less problem in chaos raid.
  • RNG & North America: Why it Backfires

    DanDK wrote: »
    It's funny that you focus so much on effort in the most spoonfed game in history. Let's make a thought experiment, that they removed all RNG from one day to another. You now still have exactly the same grinding progression system where you repeat the same brain dead stuff to get further, except you now can do it slightly less times.

    So it might be a slight improvement, sure, but from a viewpoint of effort there's still a long way to go. The current state of the game, RNG is just a minor hassle but the main problem is that nothing challenging actually exists.

    I dont know what makes you think this game is the most spoonfed game. You are definitely a casual player if your goal is +15, and +15 cannot be considered as RNG because you can have 100% success chance if you want.
    Spoonfed me 5x epic accessories with piercing 4.0% , 9x level 10 gems and maxed boss damage on legendary armor please. Getting all of these are not easier than getting top stats in any other game.
  • Increase rewards for normal chaos raids

    faceface wrote: »
    99 percent of the ones who clear, ur comparing a min to a unrealistic maximum, which most people don't hit. It's basically a max for hard raid. It is end game now, just because it'll wont be end game later don't mean we make running hard raid pointless. It's obviously going to be drastically dumbed down or else why the living fk are they taking the time to even implement it? It's suppose to be a tutorial for the harder version. Your post clearly shows autism. If you don't see the minimal difference in rewards if you were granted 10 frags per normal clear, you clearly have not cleared cdev.

    You can do normal raid instead of hard raid if you think doing hard raid is pointless because you can never get gears for your class. It is RNG's fault. Blame RNG. it is nothing about the players who are doing normal raid. You got a chance to get your gear directly but the people who are doing normal raid do not get the chance. I was in a similar situation, I played hard and spent a lot but i didnt get a piercing 4.0%. I don't understand why other players can get it. I want to complain about it too after seeing your post.
    Sure, you can say chaos raid is the current end game. This is why you don't want to see casuals catch up, hmm ? Looks like you are the autism.
    Many people have already cleared Cdev. It is as easy as FD to me. The gears from Cdev are not special anymore. I don't know why you are keep defending Cdev

    Also , there are people selling and buying runs. The people who cannot clear raids could always buy runs.Probably they are meso buyers. Give them more reward in normal raid will stop them from buying runs and meso. Don't tell me you are one of the runs seller who is encouraging people to buy meso to buy your runs.
  • I got some idea for Nexon to fight bots

    VisualFxx wrote: »
    After reading your number 1 statement I honestly stopped reading. Because you said scrolls in cash shop being unlimited. NO ONE wants this game to be p2w garbage like ms1 turned into. So please don't give them ANY ideas of cash shop items what so ever.

    I will choose p2w if it will eliminate bots. Nothing in this world is free and both KMS2 and CMS2 are P2W. They removed P2W but didnt balance the game thats why bots are here. Don't you think premium is P2W ? Don't you think paying cash to expand slots is P2W ? Don't you think buying Meso is P2W ? All of these exist. I don't see any difference.

    Okay you can call RNG in cash shop is P2W. I don't know how can I beat you up or win you anything with reroll scrolls ,lol. It is still RNG, you did not lose your chance in RNG. Actually I am the person who cursed RNG a lot .