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  • steamcharts for Maplestory 2

    Most of them are bots. and divided by many servers. The actual number of players in each server is terrible.
    Pro players do chaos raid and sell runs
    Noobs do hard dungeon only.
    what else can we do ?
  • The real reason people are burning out(is not RNG)

    Shipon7 wrote: »
    A lot of the changes you're proposing are already in motion for the sky expansion. The event brings new dailys, weeklys, and monthlys. Also the dungeon farming will be changing. MS2 is still young. A lot of the things you complain about are endgame (3rd accessory socket). There's a reason why it's hard to get to the chaos dungeons. It's not supposed to be easy. I don't know what you're talking about with the dailies being too "time consuming." But again, you seem to want this game to be a lot easier than it already is.

    I think you're feeling the symptom of this game holding your hand for levels 1-50 and then letting you loose after that. You feel like the game owes you progression at this point. I've seen countless people with 3rd socket accessories and maxed out life skills. Just because you're annoyed by it doesn't mean it's impossible.
    I don't think MS2 is young. Many people already got experience for years, and many contents are not supposed to be young. For example, people hit level 50 in a day and do hard dungeon directly. They skipped all maps, all grindings and most of normal dungeons. Do you think these things are reasonable in a young game ?

    Endgame is our goal. Most of us are working on it. I know endgame should be hard, however, hard and RNG are completely different. Some people can get it with 1 attempt. Can you really call it hard ? whats the difference between P2W and RNG here while all lucky and rich guys can achieve endgame right away ?
  • Why I quit the game

    -] RNG to get an epic pet ( I bought epic pets)
    -] RNG to get a B4 key ( I will buy key carefully)
    -] RNG once you use that B4 key to get the scrolls you can use (I only need gem)
    -] RNG when you enchant your weapon (made +15 at with 100% success rare already)
    -] RNG when you open sockets
    -] RNG when you enchant gems
    -] RNG to get the cosmetics you want ( No stats, I don't care )
    -] RNG to get stats you want
    -] RNG in dungeons to get your weapon (This is fine for me)
    -] RNG in dungeons to get your gear (This Is also fine)
    -] RNG in chaos raids to get the gear you can even use (This is absurd given its /3 a week)

    The RNG bonus stats on legendary is stupid. It will cost a lot to reroll. and i gotta keep all the trash ones in my bank for future enhancement. I need to expand my bank every week in order to keep those trash.
  • We need DPS calculator

    Wlia wrote: »
    so you look for another way to just kick more random party members ..
    so now they if they are not +15 = kick
    or not enough pierce = kick
    or not enough dps = kick
    dont take this bad way but thats how most of the players think right now...
    and most of the guilds as well...

    What a pointless reply. Don't you know that people can check your stats in advanced view of your character window?
  • We need DPS calculator

    FeverJaws wrote: »
    obviously you can test dmg LOL.

    step 1 get gear.
    step 2 test gear
    step 3 change gear
    step 4 test gear.

    its so simple.. just do 30 sec loops of using one skill.. to see what difference it makes. also the chaos dummies are better suited for it.

    but if you dont know math thats kinda bad. its simple to calculate dps time/total damage. for instance 30/150.000 would obviously be 5k dps.

    and for those who dont know Test Dummies is the damage you do to same lvl target. Piercing,crit dmg etc is taken into account if you have any.

    For example. I want to see if kandura pendent is better than my piercing necklace. Should I just buy a kandura from market ? it will cost a lot and I cannot resell it. Also, I want to see the difference between offense gem and attributes gem. It will be hard to upgrade them all first.