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  • [Guide] Music Composition + Importing MIDI

    Is it possible to merge tracks? Can someone please help with this

    Yes and no.
    There is no automated easy way to do this. Notes usualy get lost and the song turn to poop when people try different variations of this.

    The way to do this properly without losing notes is to learn MML code and do this manually. It is however very rewarding and songs outside the 10k character count can be doable due to your ability to optimize the code.

    My guide is still a work in progress but you can read up more on each command needed to know to pull something like this off. Once you understand the code, playing tetris with it is easy. Practice makes perfect.
  • Music is really quiet

    Hello! hopefully this can help you along.
    For a short description of how to fix volumes, look at page 19 under "I found a code but the volume is really low or to high!"

    For a more detailed run through of how the volume works please look at page 28 named "VOLUME"

    Make sure your games sound settings isn't set very low. Look at both master and instruments.
    Find any "V" in the code and replace with a higher number (no higher than V15)
  • Kavaju's Mega Music Guide!

    Hello everyone!
    Here I am with yet another guide on how to do these musical stuffies in Maple2.
    This guide is a bit more than a simple "convert this midi to mml", no no no, it's much more than that!

    Why a guide? We have so many!
    Indeed we have, but they always cover a small part of what there is to the whole system. My guide aim to cover everything from how to play a sheet, how to make simple fixes to codes from other games, how to convert your own midi and how to code mml from scratch, with no midi! I even have a list of all the trophies! Crazy!

    I wish for this guide to be a "one place to get it all" instead of having to remember 17 url to guides that explained different things.
    I do think the short guides are very good, if you prefer to use them, please do. I have no intention to claim that my guide is any better. Just bigger!

    Easy to read
    The big size might look daunting at first but as someone who has English as their second language, I felt we needed a guide that's easy to approach and understand no matter our language barriers or prior musical talents. I try my best to explain things as easy as possible without yelling technical muciscal mumbojumbo words your way.
    I always ask how and why when I learn new things so instead of just saying "do this and that" you will know why I tell you do this or that.

    A work in progress
    This is a big project and I'm not done yet, but I hope it will still be a good source of information to others.
    I still haven't touched upon the use of 3MLE (popular program for converting midi to mml) but I will get there! Promise!

    The guide
    It's a long read, but I hope you will find it worth your time.

    Never be scared to reach out to me or others with questions. The only dumb question is the one that remained unasked!