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March 28, 1996
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  • 20MS: A Melee Based Maplestory Guild


    The year is 20MS...

    20MS is a Maplestory guild comprised of members who collectively are involved with the competitive scene of Super Smash Bros. Melee. We are actively involved in discussions revolving around the scene including players, character match ups, game play analysis, and more. In addition to discussion, several of our members are active players in the community and regularly play on Netplay with each other.

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    "But what if I don't play Super Smash Bros. Melee for the Nintendo Gamecube?"

    This is perfectly fine! Our guild is open to all, regardless of if you love or hate the game of Melee. The purpose of our conception was to act as a central hub for those who enjoy the game and its competitive scene. If you feel as if you would like to learn about the game or even start playing, we are more than happy to show you the ropes with a smile. We understand that Melee has a notorious entry wall that seems to deter possible newcomers from joining and in order to help the community live long and prosper, we are eager to assist in any way we can to get you involved. Still not interested in Melee? That's fine too! Even though we target Melee enthusiasts, we're still a Maple guild in the end and will always make room for those who wish to join our community.

    What we have to offer:

    As a collective, we are avid fans of the original Maplestory with a majority of our members originating from the earliest years of Maple's life. As such, what you get from our group is a gathering of individuals who are eager to relive the old nostalgia of the past with its successor. We are all in this journey together, meaning that we are here to help one another ranging from leveling to raiding. Upon joining, you are incorporated into a relaxed and care free group of friends who's primary directive is to have fun. While we will wish to try our best in some cases, we will never actively pressure you into joining a hardcore mindset as we pride ourselves in our casual demeanor.

    What we ask of you:

    As stated above, you are not required to play Melee or even like the game in order to join our community. We welcome all who wish to be a part of a casual paced group and are open to discussions on various topics. Ultimately, we strive to find people who wish to have fun and enjoy playing with others. We do not ask you to be active in a particular time frame and will not harass you based on your time zone and availability. Life hits everyone differently and we understand all manner of circumstances that arise. We ask that upon joining our Discord that you read our rules, as few as they may be, and keep to them firmly to ensure everyone stays a happy collective rather than a bloodthirsty riot.

    Discord Link:

    Below is the link to our Discord server. Feel free to hop in and join us in our adventures!


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  • [20XX GUILD] Just a fish with big ambitions.

    This poll is biased. As a marth player i hereby challenge you to a FT5 on Yoshi's only to fight against this disrespect placed in my name!

    (Lemme finesse an invite into that guild)
  • Favorite RPG Class

    Rekkazan wrote: »

    I'm so glad to be... among my people...

    You guys need to start a support group for aggravated WHM mains lmao
  • Manga Discussion

    If you're looking for horror or action horror and haven't read it yet, I suggest Berserk. One of if not my all time favorite series. Not for the faint of heart though, but judging by your selection base already, I'd say this is fine. Very much medieval fantasy with a slap of Lovecraftian horror
  • What's everyone's occupation?

    I'm currently an IT Cyber Security major but I also work for my university part time as their graphic design and marketing assistant.