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  • ICON COMMISSIONS ଘ(੭ˊ꒳​ˋ)੭✧

    Big Vouch, Funny to talk with and finished the drawing within a day, 11/10 will fund her Mcflurry again
  • Class rerolling

    I Really think this is a good idea , it gets boring playing the same class over and over , maybe you found out later that you have alot more fun playing another class , but you're already too deep into your current character .

    My suggestion is that you have a meret item to change your class .
    -Once Changed , you can not change class again for a long period of time (60 day - 120 day ish )
    -All your gear can be exchange for the same gear but different class, stats can remain the same or not ( allowing stats to change might cause some abusive method to get perfect gear ) , maybe it change magical piercing to physical , biggest concern is just main stats.
    -Maybe allow main stats gem changing
  • Chaos raids overtuned?

    After clearing Cdev many times ( within guild and pug ) this is some information that i can share that may help

    -Yes you can know all mechanic and how to dodge them , but being comfortable enough to dps while yellow tiles and stuff are flying around you ( AKA Having a higher up time ) Increase your DPS BY A TON.

    -Priest Dash sucks , nexon please , you can bump into a tombstone are you serious?

    -Guild buff and food buff helps alot , Spicy noodle literally increase our time by like 2-3 min easily

    -Yellow tile lags but you can tell where it is going via the black projectile when he swing his staff around

    - Laser can be dodge by going down a level and the laser will ALWAYS Only go 180 so if can go down a level for 1 second near where he started and just dps till it ends

    -Healing Adds Heals for 6m , kill it asap even if it cost you some dps

    -Getting use to his teleport pattern increase dps by too much ( spam grab once he jumped)

    -Priest Dash sucks

    -Healing aura lapentier and life drain lapentier is too OP is almost mandatory in this raid , shockwave can increase your dps by almost 10% or higher

    - double check your piercing , alot of people keep saying they have the gear for raid and they have poison damage and knock back reduction as their accessory stats and he is a zerker ( ?_? )

    -Having a full plan of where to drag adds , when to kill adds also speed up the run by a ton

    -Knight blocking laser allow 9 other player to have a 5-8 second free dps uptime everytime he block a laser

    -Priest Dash sucks
  • 11/8 Update: Goodbye UGC Accessories!

    I am not against them increasing the price of listing UGC, but the listing price should be Re-balance, suit, and top shouldn't have the same listing price, nor does suit and glove.