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  • Removed original p2w concept but same game??????

    Removed p2w = omg look our progress is too slow

    With p2w = LOL is nexon ofc game is p2w nexon is cash grab

    what the fook do u guys want jesus

    i am sure nexon has the p2w game in mind , but due to overwhelming response from the community , nexon decides to try to listen to their playerbase and remove p2w , they did well so far listening to players , this kind of communication is unheard of in any MMO. but look what happens , Complains to complains to complains , people do not appreciate what is given and just want everything to be done their ways ( a reddit post with 50 upvote is not the voice of the community ).

    i wont even be mad if nexon just go back to original p2w because some part of the player base are just a bunch of entitle people. first people wanted more runs because 30 run a week is not enough for them since they want to play the game more ( they did not mention anything about they just want faster progression ) and then nexon gave us reset button, then the player finally notice that they only wanted faster progression and now asking for double loot button.
  • Nexon we need a better way to get epic pets >.

    You guys notice you can use a good blue pet right? everyone just scream epic pet epic pet as if is a mandatory item to even do anything
  • "SotG Week 7 - Part 2" by Jungsoo Lee and LAMBCOOK

    Crevox wrote: »
    People aren't asking for FREE LOOT and faster progression. While those things may be nice, the core of the issue remains the same: everyone has to spam the same two dungeons, Temple of Immortals and Lubelisk, over and over. There is no dungeon variety. These changes, once again, do nothing to solve this. Everyone still has to do the weapon dungeons over and over. People want to enjoy the game and have fun doing different dungeons, but the structure does not allow us to. Making events to give out free gear and speed up progression just devalues the efforts of players that played without these events and those that play after it's over.

    I think this is the third time you have announced changes that do nothing to solve the main issue.

    You have a point , but look at it this way , will people really do different dungeons? Everyone would ALWAYS run the dungeon that clear the fastest , People will say that they will , they will do it for maybe a week or so then everyone will just run whichever dgn that require the least amount of time . Tronix was the best example out of all the normal dungeon back when the game launched .
  • Increase rewards for normal chaos raids

    Is a complete different situation , if you yield the same reward no matter how skill you are , then whats the point of even investing time to learn and become more skills in the game , everyone just log in for 5 min , do what they do then log out till reset , will this game be anyway of fun anymore?

    i am strongly against what OP said , i understand that the reward is low , but we should really just be grateful that they even release a normal version of the dgn , so your 6 chaos run weekly doesn't go to waste , we are asking for too much , we started with asking for more dgn weekly and once we have it , we want double loot with it as well , now we wanted a easy chaos raid and we finally got it , and we want it to have more reward , despite the normal mode is way easier .

    we are just being spoonfed and keep asking for more and more over time , if nexon give in to this kind of demand everytime , they might as well as hand out gear and gems for free
  • We need a raid finder

    I posted this somewhere else already, but raid finder is hard to do because 1 , you might not get queue with a knight or priest , even if they do , now you need a hg or rb to do adds. 2 , if you queue up and get 1 or 2 really badly gear person , would you have the motivation to stay?