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  • My thoughts on when to use Peachy and Ophelia

    Kewkky wrote: »
    Not only is that an outlier of a guy, but he could've gotten a 100% chance if he had waited a day. If I have a lot to lose from something, I don't take unnecessary risks. We call that "operational risk management" where I come from.

    Also, if you're advocating Peachy, keep in mind that she uses Crystal Ores. You know, that material that literally no one can farm or trade, that you can only earn a set number of in every week? At +14, to get to +15, you need FIFTY Peachy upgrades to make it, and each one of those is like 400 crystal ores, and that's for epics too! The amount needed for legendaries, as well as ascendant, are far higher. Do you have 20000 crystal ores lying around?

    A hundred upgrades actually. Peachy is just not worth it at any point.

    Assuming you're talking about epics anyway.
  • Making it easy again! STOP!

    At no point were you needing to farm all 3 weapons for all 3 raids. Enchantments provide a much more noticeable difference than the bonus for any of the weapons. This is absolutely a good change as it gets rid of the worry that was likely to happen when MSL users wouldn't be as wanted in the 1st raid and Murp users wouldn't be as wanted in the 3rd one.
  • Improve Player Stats For Hard Dungeons

    If you feel like you're at an instance where you're likely going to die, use your magic armor. It probably won't help you with his lazors at your current stats, but everything else should be very easily dealt with. It's a long CD so obviously only use it when you feel like you're forced to in order to survive.

    You should not be in a situation where you are instantly dying. Phase 1 pre-laser (50m to ~28m) is pretty much free. You should be surviving with all lives at this point. From ~28m to ~16m he will begin to use lazors, which you will need to know what animations indicate him doing it and drop into the hole, or even drop off the map if you aren't close enough. When he's at the bottom corners, just stay along the edges and it's even easier to dodge in time.

    Phase 3 is ~16m to ~9m. Other side of the map he will use a full map AoE. Easy as all hell to dodge once you know where the safe spot is. Along the arcs there's a corner spot that his breath doesn't hit. It's the furthest back arc in the farthest back corner. You will probably see players running to that spot if you aren't playing with other new players. Fireballs you have another safe spot (I would imagine it's a glitch though so we'll ignore it), but generally just don't stay grouped up with your teammates and there's zero issues dodging every single one.

    The last phase you pretty much just burst him down. If you don't know the animations you'll take damage, but other than getting hit directly from his focused fire breath which you can potion through pretty easily it's just a matter of getting through it.

    It's perfectly fine to make errors, but this dungeon does not punish you as harshly as you are making it out to be.
  • 1 Million Players Event Unfair

    I believe the lv60 benchmark has more to do with bots now. Since a lot of bots are getting to 50 with little issue, they only really start getting reported when they attempt to do dungeon runs, so them making it to 60 is a bit less likely. Sucks if this is true because it really should be open to all players, but it might just be a precaution in giving bots too much free stuff.

    I'd guess as low as 1.5m in price but today and Saturday will be the cheapest points since most people will have used up their 30 runs.