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    When progression depends more on rng than it does on player effort, there is a lot of dependency from the developers to keep failing. The more you fail, the more you keep playing. It gives an illusion of an active playerbase when realistically it's just a test of how much each player can put up with mentally.

    It's lazy design in every way.

    I can't help but feel this whole revamp could have been avoided if they just made it so the bonus attribute percents were static based on level of equip with a minor increase based on rarity.

    It's not lazy design. It's not good design. It's the leftovers from a p2w game that forces players to pay money to alleviate the frustration from RNG. I actually consider it pretty cunning to be honest. To extract money from people by frustrating them.

    I know our version doesn't have all the p2w elements, but you can clearly see this in the design of fishing and gathering. The whole RNG is to frustrate players more and more as they level up, and amazingly they have the solution in the form of auto-fishing and a gathering badge. How convenient for you.

    [Edit] Take a look at the fair fight nerf, or I guess I should call it the player damage nerf. People were bossing those monsters for the crystals. Now what are some people doing to get crystals? Fishing while at work or overnight. It's all about extracting money from players by hindering their ability to progress.

    I'm not a fan of the whole attribute system. I consider it to be rubbish.

    This isn't the kr version so it's not a good idea to put them on the same level. Their intentions were to remove as much p2w as possible. While they kept that promise, they have yet to fix the other huge issue with it, rng. By not actually nerfing it, they're fueling it, and players are leaving because of it.

    The only reason they're keeping it is because there isn't enough content to satisfy minmaxers afterwords. That isn't malicious, it's just lazy.
  • How Maplestory 2 actually IS Pay to Win

    Do you not get bored of making threads that are wrong
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  • [SUGGESTIONS] Priest Dash Skill

    I can't speak for specifically Priest mains, but as an alt, it was absolutely annoying to dash for movement...only to barely move because someone was in the way. Maybe it would be better to just have the Priest dash in a general direction and have it heal everyone near the "end" of it? Not having free movement feels very clunky.
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  • My friend got scammed.

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    Would be nice if they added a reputation button like they did in MS1. So you could see if someone is thrustworthy and has a good reputation or if his reputation sucks and he's a scammer.

    Iffy. Sounds good on paper, but the room for being abused is pretty great here. I could see people lowering the rep of players for no reason other than to be toxic.
  • How prepared do you feel for tomorrow

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    Me and my 10% piercing is ready for rejections.

    If you have Scion of Light as a furniture design, it's an extra 4% pierce. I don't think that many will reject 14%.