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  • Server Changes for Individual Characters

    This is a great meret shop idea/concept.

    The transfer could be sold as a coupon with individual usage. It could allow us to choose a server and change our name if necessary. Basically, it would be a functioning server change coupon with the addition of the name change.

    If trophies and etc. are stored in our accounts; then, the server we play would not matter.
  • Founder's Pack Headstart

    My hangup lately is that the Founder's Pack which was supposed to be "so great and amazing" because it's a value purchase and we receive its base worth in merets already, is worth less and less the closer we get to launch. Right now for me, it's not worth anything except a Mushking emote. There's basically nothing left to spend those merets on and the benefits are unsubstantial compared to what free-to-play players already can receive.

    I am honestly starting to feel scammed, I was just telling a coworker yesterday about what Nexon's doing to the global launch of this game. Neglecting pay-to-play players in favor of free-to-play players is a recipe for failure. Free-to-play players will never be satisfied no matter what their given. Pay-to-pay players are satisfied enough to purchase $25-$100 founders packs, but Nexon just keeps screwing us over until we become frustrated enough to ask for a refund and quit to another game.
  • What are you most looking forward to?

    The 7 day wait for UGC profit is also likely going to stall the market at some point after launch.
    There'll be more posters, but very few of the previous ones, as they have to wait a week to be able to post something new.

    This is something I do see coming.

    Personally, I feel UGC is great for now, but I don't think it's sustainable. Maybe if more templates are added or something... I just feel the benefit to cost ratio will be off and eventually drive the UGC market down to a few dedicated creators.

  • Founder's Pack Headstart

    It's a long battle if you choose to fight it in these forums. Against the mobs who scream P2W everything, dwarfing out the small voices who would encourage some aspects of this style of merchandizing MS2. It's really hard. They make you want to quit MS2 before it even starts and go find some other P2P game that hasn't yet released.

    I'm going to say like always, nothing is wrong with the founder's pack as is. The headstart is reasonable, the above poster has it correctly. It is a small benefit when comparing it for a year of game time. MS2 is expected to be around for a long time. It's overexaggerated to complain about nine days of headstart, when content is reasonably limited for those nine days.
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  • If you ever want a challenge...

    I like how Srsly and Kraz liked your post.

    Srsly Kraz(y)

    That's what you are. Great job btw.