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  • Premium Club, Dungeon Limits, Pay2Win VS Free2Win

    I agree with the OP entirely.

    Take it from my perspective, someone who is completely within OP's target audience. I have no time to play this game and have a considerable disposable income. I want to enjoy Maplestory 2, but I have an incredible dislike of the way the game treats players who support the game. I've already purchased the highest tier founder pack and am willing to sit with this game for the long haul, but only if Nexon improves its treatment of myself and players like me.

    So, backstory aside, I have already pretty much quit this game because I feel it is not worth my money and a waste of my time. So, Nexon has lost a cash cow. However, if Nexon wished to retain me and/or players like myself, all they would need to do is increase the benefit to supporting the game. OP's changes would help, certainly, but it would not incite me to play Maplestory 2. If anything, it would require substantially more.

    That is just my take as a "casher." And I most certainly am not a lone wolf with my perspective. Simply, I still care enough to speak out. Nonetheless, I understand what OP calls the "free2play players'" concerns. If they feel the game can sustain itself without those players willing to spend substantially on cash shop and premium things, that's fine. However, if they want those players to stay, they will have to relent quite a bit on their collective perspective.

    Anyway, I am not for it or against it. I am just expressing what it would take to make me, personally, stay.

    Edit: As of three to four days before I made this post, I have quit MS2 for the aforementioned reasons. I will remove this edit to this post if I choose to play this game again. (Dated: 10/21/2018)
  • Petition to Remove Fair Fight

    just remove fair fight, it's pointless. Leave it on world bosses. That's it.
  • Will Maplestory 2 be as popular as Maplestory 1?

    I was looking for somewhere to post a grievance, but I plain just don't find this game fun.

    Post 50 is horribly boring, there is no point to anything, this includes dungeons. There is no progression; there is no meaningful story. If you want to min-max it's capped behind content where you require a dedicated party or guild. Even playing music has gotten to where it's not very fun for me imho.

    I didn't expect it would turn out this way. I don't think there is any fixing this game's design. Perhaps, there might be a way to fix it, I just don't see it. So, I'm starting to doubt if I will continue to play it.

    On the topic of the thread, by no means is it a comparison with Maplestory 1. Maplestory 2 is so many miles away from what the original Maplestory 1 was.
  • [Guide] A possible fix for no sound instruments.

    I haven't tried this, but if it works, it should be pinned in the Music subsection. Thanks for your post. I will try this soon.
  • I am salty. I lost out on over $100 in merets.

    Best to leave the shop's UGC contents alone unless in the case of nudity. Breaches of copyright are somewhat impossible to moderate against. Moreover, we have to be able to trust the administrators to handle every case exactly the same... which is in otherwords... fairly.

    We aren't able to trust the administrators to do that.

    ...However, this is their game not ours; so, what we may be able to accomplish by our complaints here is limited.

    Just note that whenever you sell UGC, you are taking a risk. Profits and other potential gains from sales are not guaranteed to be received.