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  • Block teleportation people.

    there's some weird times where if you get on a block(from the block skill) you will get teleported out of the circle and die from the storm.
    and one way that it always works is if you spawn a block on a wall, those thine walls from the buildings. If you spawn a block on those walls and you get on it it will always teleport you. I don't know if that's how its supposed to work but just wanted to let you guys know about it just in case you guys did not know about it.
  • Release Date, Name Reservations, Runeblader, etc.

    is the lvl cap 50 or 60? i have seen people say its 60 and then others say its 50 so what is it?
  • Release Date, Name Reservations, Runeblader, etc.

    lol that 9 day head start is nuts. i was expecting a 3 day head start like all the other asian mmos with a founders pack.
    But it looks like nexon is trying to make people buy the founders pack.
  • Nexon plz dont make a gold for merits trade system

    Perhaps the reason why it takes long to level is to encourage low level grinding and crafting.
    it does not really take a long time to lvl at all. lvl to 30+ the first day. and play music in your house while you sleep or work to hit max when you wake up or get back from work. and it only cost $5 to do it.($5 gives you 12 hours of non stop music xp)
  • Belma's Warning? And why its dumb.

    Xenophobia wrote: »
    Unlimited wrote: »
    And where do you think I came from? I've been playing MMOs since Traditional. While that method is positive(and I'm actually in favor of it), the problem is nobody does it today!(if nobody does it today, then it doesn't work today and it will not work for me not finding a group!) I played Bless Online where there is no dungeon-queque-system(there is, but it doesn't work properly). Nobody there would recruit in dungeon-entrance, as in nobody but very few people who are really desperate! You just cannot survive without a static in Bless, it is such a terrible game!
    With this game following the same system, let's see if this will work. I will say it again; I need to be able to find a group when I need to. If I see nobody in the entrance recruiting, then this game failed to implement a basic-feature that is necessary today!
    Absolute garbage for trying to turn this into another Bless!

    If you necessarily need static to survive in this game to not miss a single run before a reset, you will not make this game any different than Bless having not introduced necessary basic-features! It's a joke that you cannot communicate in this game and that nobody is willing to congregate to a specific location and channel and use the local-chat!
    Yeah, okay sure...but what does this have to do with dads?


    his post is a cry for help. cant you see it, it screams "Please, HELP ME!". His dad left him when he was young, and he has not gotten over it. He cry's himself to sleep every night. And talking crap about MMOs is the only thing that gets him thru the day. It's the only thing that gives him a sense of worth. If it was not for that, he would have disappeared from this world long ago. It's so sad ='( you no longer have to suffer "Unlimited" we are here with you.