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  • [Feedback] Hard Adventure Dungeons

    Dungeons end up being extremely easy to run once you've learned the general pattern.

    The main problem being that certain classes make the bosses completely effortless and braindead.

    Why have a Zerker when you can have two Ranged DPS, a Knight and a Priest?
    Why would you ever bother with an assassin?

    A good MMO should balance its classes to make everything decently viable for situations while still pushing for diversity.
    The fact that the community clearly favors certain classes means that many players with certain mains will be left out and feel discouraged for playing something they like.

    Employing ranged ads in the Balrog fight is interesting until you find out that Wizards are useless for killing them and Melee characters are ultimately unneeded.

    Few classes actually offer bonuses that make them a pleasant addition outside of their raw DPS, whereas the original maplestory's buffing system provided interesting attributes to every class. Iron body was just as valuable as a heal was in some situations.


    The tail smack with Fire Dragon showing a hitbox indicator does not properly indicate the full hitbox that extends under his body and even in front of his face.
    Why do these guys not offer cosmetic rewards like the other bosses?
    Training mode should be an option to learn attack patterns and hitboxes.
  • [Feedback] Overall Impressions


    This game doesn't employ the same social interaction as Maplestory 1, and is ultimately missing from current MMOs in general.

    There is almost no incentive in interacting with other players aside from periodically being placed into pre-made parties to take out dungeons. Then you bail and never see them again.

    The art, music, and gamefeel are nice and while there are plenty of amazing features and fixes that need to be made, I ultimately feel like we're just not given the same feeling of playing together.

    The fact that you can remotely enter any dungeon and be forcibly put into parties through a queue system removes almost all interaction from combat.
    Nobody meets up outside of Zakum's altar asking for parties. Nobody hangs around Spiegelmann trying to make friends so they can run party quests together.

    The feeling of competition and social interaction are gone in place of streamlined features and fast-paced leveling.

    Life skills are either AFK'd or done in the privacy of your own home.

    You're not well rewarded for partying with others outside of dungeons.

    Guilds seem ultimately not that important or rewarding.

    Quite frankly, I don't feel rewarded when I play this game. I don't feel challenged. And saddest of all, I don't feel the comradery I feel in Maple 1 or any other games.

    If I had to say what impression this game made for me, I'd say it quite simply didn't leave an impression at all.
    I don't feel rewarded, nor challenged, nor at home.

    I feel there's a lot of things right and wrong with this game, but a few mild changes could ultimately make this the MMO of the decade.

    Community comes first for an MMO, and Maplestory 2 needs to better reflect that in its gameplay like it does with its userbase and wonderful CMs and GMs.
  • [Feedback] Life Skills

    Life skills are currently pointless and abysmal.
    None of them provide you with apt rewards and feel more like idle games rather than actual tasks.

    I have spent over 6000 Merit just AFK fishing so far, and all it has given me are thousands of tonics that aren't even valuable in the market and worth 1 meso to shops.
    Golden fish have provided me with about 3 million mesos - (Not worth 6000 Merit)
    And all the boxes I get are full of useless junk.
    I need proper rewards for spending so much time fishing, and a 100,000 meso gold dolphin is not a proper reward.

    You should also not be barred from fishing in any areas since you're not rewarded with anything special, but your success should be inhibited in areas that your skill levels do not meet.

    Crafting rewards are useless too.

    Please consider these options
    Crafting should be more involved with both Housing and Enchanting.
    Building your own furniture would be extremely rewarding and also provide a sense of accomplishment for working hard on something.
    Crafting should also give you the ability to improve your enchanting success with additives from the mining you have accomplished.

    Currently the potions and food you make are all useless and at the end of the day the elixirs are all that matter.

    Materials earned from all of these should be completely open to selling and trade to stimulate an actual economy within the Maplestory 2 world.
  • [Feedback] Exploration

    Exploration does not feel like Exploration. Rather it feels like a series of extremely mundane quests that have been given to me for slightly more attractive rewards than the basic quests.
    Exploration should involve actually exploring and trying out new things rather than being forcibly told what to do.

    Maps have a ton of opportunities to do different fun things such as ride elevators or fish in new biomes. Rather than demanding I do a specific few items on an agenda, I would rather earn stars for doing things on my own that meet a larger list of criterion.

    You should be able to have 10 different options to complete, but you can only earn a max of 3-5 stars per map, and the items should not be listed, but rather hidden.
    - Kill the elite monster
    - kill 10 of this monster
    - Use X object as a weapon
    - Be in a party of 3 or more
    - level up here
    - talk to this NPC
    - Greet here
    - use the binoculars
    There are 8 options here, but you cap out once you do 3 of them

    Please stop asking me to beat monsters with slowly-respawning objects around the map. It's extremely tedious and disheartening.

    Exploration goals should be shared between characters.
    Exploration goals should not be limited to maps, but should also apply to things such as dungeons and NPC buildings.
    NPCs should offer more helpful hint on chests.
    Wooden chests should also be in all locations on a map for first-timers, and after finding all the chests they should then begin to randomize and become public loot.
  • [Feedback] Equipment Enchanting

    Seems fair in balanced in all honestly.
    The journey from +10 to +15 could use a lowering of material demands, but it's not an awful system.

    As long as merit-based interactions are not ingrained into the system I think it is fine.

    Sadly, I believe that the lack of gear earned outside of dungeons is a bit upsetting. High-leveled monsters should offer more loot in terms of enchanting since after grinding in the level 50-60 area for a few hours, I noticed no actual good drops.

    Grinding was a large part of Maplestory 1 and is not captured at all in 2.

    Please consider adding onyx and other important upgrade materials to end-level grinding areas.
    Lower level mob areas should also offer lower level crafting material drops.