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  • Unobtainable Mini-Game Trophies

    I wanted to bring attention to a few mini-game trophies that are realistically unobtainable. I'm going to use Spring Beach as an example, but this could apply to other mini-games.

    To max out the Master of Spring Beach trophy, you need to WIN 1000 times. Grueling and time-consuming (what would that be...80+ hours of Spring Beach with only wins counting?) but okay.

    Even worse though, the participant trophy at max level:


    It requires a participation of 10,000 times. Let's say you are only going to participate and then peace out (which I don't think is intended and not really good for gameplay) and you are going to allow yourself one minute of participation each time. That would be 10,000 minutes which equals 166.67 hours of just "participating" in Spring Beach. That's only if you're going in and leaving, it would take even longer if you tried to win and actually played the mini-game. Also keep in mind that you can't just grind out plays on these because the mini-game choices pop up at random.

    I know that some trophies are things that you just need to grind out and others you just need to put in hours over the course of your account while playing, but this is rather impossible. I don't think it's realistic for people to get this trophy over the course of years.
  • [GUIDE] Dolly's Dailies Guide

    Dolly's Dailies Guide

    Hi guys! It's Dolly from NAE - I just wanted to share a little guide I made that keeps me straight on all of the dailies I do each day! I plan to expand on it with additional guides, screenshots and add more dailies as they come. Thank you so much to Chiky of NAE for your edits!

    Daily reset is 0000 UTC (Maple time shown in game at top left), which is 4PM PT/6PM CT/7PM ET
    Weekly reset is 0000 UTC Fridays (Maple time shown in game at top left), which is 4PM PT Thursday/6 PM CT Thursday/7PM ET Thursday

    • Daily Wonders - Check your Daily Wonders tab to grab any daily that is being given out for events or that you have purchased! This is located bottom right, the character (red/yellow icon).

    • Guild Dailies - Easy! If you're in a guild, make sure to check in each day by going to your guild pop-up and clicking Check In at the bottom right of the window. If your guild does guild quests, don't forget to participate in those too!

    • Pet Fusion
      Catch & fuse pets into other pets a maximum of 24 times/day to make the most of your fusion bonuses to level up your pet! There are a lot of detailed guides and information regarding pets. A really good resource can be found here.

    • 2x Daily World Boss Guide/Event Quests - Each day NPC Aliyar in the center of Queenstown will have two quests for you to pick up.
      He will ask you to defeat two world bosses. Pick up the quests first then, when the bosses spawn on different maps, kill them! Killing each boss will complete the quest. Bring both quests back before the expiration date on the quest for prizes! (Additional tips, tricks & ss to be added)

    • Clearing hard dungeons - You have 15 dungeon runs daily to get item rewards from.
      You can see how many clears you have left per day by going to the World Map (2nd icon) > Challenge Map. A 30 cap per week applies, but can be reset once per week per character for a total of 60 dungeon clears/week. Note: If you hit level 50, your dungeon count will automatically reset. :)

    • Premium dungeon - If you have Premium Club enabled, don't forget to do your premium dungeon once per day!
      You can find the premium dungeon here: World map icon to the bottom right > Challenge Map > Premium Dungeon. You must do this dungeon alone!
      TIP! I use Oska to complete this, I find that her quick movement and skills make her easiest to use

    • Premium pots - Collect the free pots that come with your premium membership under the premium club icon at bottom right (found 5th column, row 1).

    • Special dungeons - Currently if you go to Challenge Map > Special Dungeons, you can clear the Cathy Mart Part-Time Job dungeon 1x/day (resets at midnight).
      This is a very easy and fun dungeon that you play in party-mode - you just need to find 3 other people to participate. Check the Party Finder for groups!

    • Analyze rusted key 1/day - If you have any rusted keys in your inventory, visit NPC Natalie in Tria to have her analyze one of your keys per day at the best price.
      If you need to analyze more than one per day, you can, but the price for each consecutive key goes up by a ton. This resets each day, so, if you aren't in a hurry you can have one per each day analyzed for 100k meso.

    • Treasure dungeons - The Abandoned Mine B1 dungeon is a 1-player dungeon that you can clear 10x/day.
      To enter the B1 dungeon you need a Abandoned Mine Key (B1), which you can get by having your rusted keys analyzed (see above). Resets daily at midnight.

    • Decoration score - Visit your house once per day to obtain the chest that is awarded according to your Decoration Score (top left when in housing).
      To increase your Decoration Score & get the max of 1100/1100, fulfill the requirements by dropping down that menu & placing those items in your home
      TIP! If you have multiple housing layouts saved, make sure that you load the one that has the highest decoration score before collecting this

    • Sky Fortress Missions
      Board the Sky Fortress by using the Sky Fortress icon at the bottom right (found column 6, row 1). Talk to each of the NPCs to pick up their quests.

    • Life Skills - This is the most time-consuming of the bunch, but it's worth it! You could write a guide alone on each of these easily, but here are general tips to start to get your rank up.

      You access your life skills through three tabs on the Life Skills button at the bottom right. There are 10 life skills for you to level up each day:
      Four gather skills: Mining, ranching, foraging & farming
      Four craft skills: Smithing, handicrafts, alchemy & cooking
      Two leisure skills: Interior design & pet taming
      You can farm/ranch more times in your own home than in someone else's. If you max out each of the items in your own home to 'Impossible', you can still visit someone else's house to get a few additional times until you also reach 'Impossible' on theirs. After you reach 'Impossible', on both, you will be out of tries until this resets for the day.
      TIP! Before starting any life skill leveling, try checking your inventory's Consumable tab first to see if you have any curio items to use to boost your gains! These are items like: Marjoram supplement, iron mail chain gloves, lavender crystal, pumpkin seasoning, etc. You can save these until you have a lot of leveling to do so that they aren't wasted! Complete list is below.
      TIP! Curios do not directly boost your EXP, they instead boost your materials gained! Thank you fellow Mapler, Elyxthaxzus, for the testing and detailed explanation found in the comments!
      TIP! There is an Auto-Gathering badge (Inventory > Badges tab, if you have) you can equip that will continuously gather your items until they are gone

      Mining & foraging are done in areas outside of player housing. As you level up, you will eventually unlock Berg Island (mining) & Alkimi island (forgaging), which you can access on the docks on Lith Harbor after doing a very short quest that will pop up as an exclamation on your character's head at the bottom right of your screen. If you do not yet have these islands, the best way to find where you should go is to access the Life Skills menu, pick an item and click the link on the map listed under Known Locations. You can then go to that map and use the mini-map at the top right to look for the mining/shovel icons.

      Farming & ranching are done in player housing. You can add farm items as well as animals to ranch to your own home by going to Start Furnishing, then the Life Skills tab at the bottom. These unlock as you increase in rank. You can also visit other players houses to farm on their land!

      Crafting can be done in the Life Skills menu while you are on any map. It's important to hover over the materials you are using to craft as it will tell you if those materials are also used in any other crafts - then you can prioritize your materials if you're limited. For example, if you hover over Mined Opal under Smithing > Zinc Chain Mail Gloves, you'll find that the mined opal is also used to make many other Smithing & Handicrafts items
      TIP! Crafting can be a bit more straining on your computer. I typically craft when I know I have some down-time and am not on a heavily populated map

      Here is a list of curios you can use to boost your Life Skills in order of least powerful to most powerful:
      1. Mining curios (Made by Handicrafts): Chicken feather pouch, pigskin pouch, woolen pouch, deer hide pouch, eagle feather pouch, griffin feather pouch
      2. Smithing curios (Made by Smithing): Opal smithing slate, sapphire smithing slate, diamond smithing slate, amethyst smithing slate, amber smithing slate, pearl smithing slate
      3. Handicraft curios (Made by Handicrafts): Snail shell handicraft slate, milky handicraft slate, turtle shell handicraft slate, longhorn handicraft slate, horsehoe handicraft slate, dragon horn handicraft slate
      4. Farming curios (Made by Alchemy): Marjoram supplement, rosemary supplement, mandarin supplement, tea supplement, bergamot supplement, patchouli supplement
      5. Alchemy curios (Made by Alchemy): Lavender crystal, lemon balm crystal, jasmine crystal, oregano crystal, basil crystal
      6. Cooking curios (Made by Cooking): Pumpkin seasoning, pine mushroom seasoning, green onion seasoning, medicinal mushroom seasoning, cucumber seasoning, agaric mushroom seasoning
      7. Foraging curios (Made by Cooking): Rice chips, apple chips, orange chips, banana chips, tomato chips, pear chips
      8. Ranching curios (Made Smithing): Copper chain mail gloves, zinc chain mail gloves, iron chain mail gloves, nickel chain mail gloves, tungsten chain mail gloves, cobalt chain mail gloves

      Leave a comment if you find something in particular for me to expand on/add. See you guys in game! <3

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  • Let us hide the Safe/amphibious riding icons

    Good news! This can already be done. :)

    Game Menu > Options > Status Text > Hide Convenience (Meret) Features
  • One Character Headstart?

    2D wrote: »
    DeathCat wrote: »
    hope we can make ALTS on oct 1st... i want to reserve more names...

    i mean if you really want to do that, make/use more accounts to hold names for you until launch. people are already doing this, and at launch you will probably have way less names for you to choose from

    The maximum that you could make until release date is four more though. So, I could see how people are hoping for full access to reserve names on Oct 1st.
    DeathCat wrote: »
    hope we can make ALTS on oct 1st... i want to reserve more names...

    I doubt it. If Founders status applies to one character, why would the other X amount of characters with non founder status get a head start?

    It makes more sense to me that they would allow those of us in head start to create multiple characters. The full game will be released at that point, so, I would think that the character select screen would be fully functional.
  • some questions about trophies

    My High Maintenance suggestion:
    • Get one buddy and stand near a poison pool - not in it, but close enough to the ledge where it starts hurting you
    • You keep getting poisoned and your buddy doesn't stop emoting at you

    It took me just about 2 games of squads and works better if you pick a pool that's near some bush that you can hide in if randoms come by. B)