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  • Things I've learned as a new player.

    Defraglife wrote: »
    At some point they need to let us grind and mob. Raids are cool and all but are getting old.

    They've mentioned focusing more on PvE in later updates and I'm looking forward to this myself!
  • VFM Introduction - Dolly

    Hi guys, it's Dolly! I'm one of the new VFMs & I'm thrilled to be here!

    I've been stuck on Nexon games since about 2006 when I got hooked on the original MapleStory. I definitely took many breaks, but MapleStory was that one game that always lured me back over the years. I knew that as soon as I caught wind of MS2 that I had to be a part of it & I joined in CBT2. I feel like I've grown up with these games & it's a dream come true to be able to give back through helping out as a VFM.

    If you want to catch up with me, check out the official MS2 Discord! I enjoy lurking the #bug-reports channel as I have a tech background & aim to help others will their tech issues. I play on NAE & main priest. You'll find me being a no-life during every event & I eat up all PvE content.

    When I'm not playing MapleStory2, I'm often playing Overwatch. I was a console gamer before a PC gamer & other favorite series of all time include: Sonic, Crash Bandicoot, DMC, GTA, Splatoon, Streets of Rage, & DDR.

    Outside of gaming, I love to tinker, read, & collect items. I collect TCG (currently Pokemon Generations), erasers, stickers, kawaii stationery, Sanrio merch, plush & pins to name a few. Embarrassing truth: I own one of the biggest Neopets merchandise collections worldwide. I know it's an odd hobby, but I really enjoy restoring & refinishing old items, especially dolls & toys. Hence, Dolly!

    If you see me around on Discord, Steam, Twitch or in-game, don't be shy to say hi. I really am excited for the opportunity to meet as many people as possible & to help bring our player feedback to the game staff. (:

  • [WINNERS] House Builders - Winter Wonder Homes

    IGN: Dolly
    Server: NA East
    House Name: Toy Workshop

    Fly on in and park your sleigh at the front of the toy workshop! Once you come on inside, you'll be greeted by our hardworking Joddy'selves slaving away to make toys for all of the good Maple girls and boys!

  • Unobtainable Mini-Game Trophies

    Verlo wrote: »
    I too have brought the issue up multiple times on these forums about character-bound trophies with ridiculously high goals that will take years. I dont even see my self participating let alone winning mini-games more than 500 times at best.

    If they had made these trophies account-bound though I wouldnt complain.

    There are a lot of trophies that need to be reconsidered and looked over.

    There is a trophy to be logged in for 3 years real-time in each character for example


    You know, I'm okay with that last one...I mean, there should be a handful of trophies are based on length of time playing...though 3 years per character rather than account bound is tough.

    These mini-game ones though would take even longer than that. You have to take so much into consideration.

    For EACH mini-game you would have to play only ONE minute which involves you not even getting to play the game (which would make you ineligible for the other trophy that is granted for WINNING) the game.

    So, if you are actually playing the mini-games the way they are intended to be played...which is what, say 5 minutes? Then each of these trophies would take 5x the amount of time than the math that was done in the comment above, which was more than a year. We're now at 5 years per each of these trophies...and that's for trying to win the game EVERY time it pops up in 24 hours.

    We should then get more realistic and say you play the mini-game 8x per day (which is still to most people pretty unrealistic tbh). We're now at, what, 15 years it would take for just ONE of these trophies with "normal" gameplay?
  • Unobtainable Mini-Game Trophies

    I wanted to bring attention to a few mini-game trophies that are realistically unobtainable. I'm going to use Spring Beach as an example, but this could apply to other mini-games.

    To max out the Master of Spring Beach trophy, you need to WIN 1000 times. Grueling and time-consuming (what would that be...80+ hours of Spring Beach with only wins counting?) but okay.

    Even worse though, the participant trophy at max level:


    It requires a participation of 10,000 times. Let's say you are only going to participate and then peace out (which I don't think is intended and not really good for gameplay) and you are going to allow yourself one minute of participation each time. That would be 10,000 minutes which equals 166.67 hours of just "participating" in Spring Beach. That's only if you're going in and leaving, it would take even longer if you tried to win and actually played the mini-game. Also keep in mind that you can't just grind out plays on these because the mini-game choices pop up at random.

    I know that some trophies are things that you just need to grind out and others you just need to put in hours over the course of your account while playing, but this is rather impossible. I don't think it's realistic for people to get this trophy over the course of years.