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  • Someone made over 200k merits ripping off my work

    Yes, but im sure there's some legal stuff behind it . But let's ignore that and ask , how many people do you really think are willing to volunteer for this? What happens when people stop volunteering? Once Nexon opens up the door for such a solution they can't take it back.
  • Wow, this game.

    Maple is having good PR...for now . But what does the future hold? Can they really sustain this? Is Pay 2 Fashion really going to work? I hope...but...
  • Didn't receive anything from the founders package.

    According to news , anyone who skipped cinematic missed the "claim founder's rewards" as the pop up to claim them shows up during the opening cinematic.
  • Why is it so hard to get answers?

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    As someone else has stated, they simply do not have a good history when it comes to being transparent and listening to to people in their past games. As much as I hope they will change when the game actually comes out, they have not set a good precedent for it so far.

    But they've already answered tons of player concerns about the main game. MapleStory 2 is definitely marching too a different beat so far. Really , look at the recent Producer Blog on Monetization , They seem to be very well listening to player's concerns about Pay to Win. Does this mean the game won't be Pay to Win sometime after launch? Well that's yet to be seen but so far I don't really see where people are getting the "Nexon isn't listening to us" complaints from. If it's issues about things like balance , well that's a whole different story.

    Trust me , I quit MapleStory 1 back in the day because I was tired of the direction it was going. I am in no way saying "Nexon is the best company they've done nothing wrong ever". But How can you guys already be complaining when the game hasn't even launched yet?
  • Theory Crash and Burn Scheme

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    Nexon has been doing alot of reforming actually , GMS2 has announced tons of player feedback driven features. But did you also know that they recently moved their headquarters? It's now in Irvine California, Rather than El Segundo. They mention they made this move to reflect a "culture change" in their company. The new building has lots of new goodies for employees including on site Gym , Stream rooms etc.

    Interesting, but have they shown any results yet? The answer should be obvious. They've failed almost every single decision possible since CBT1 before the game has even launched yet. You can put up a facade all you want but as long as they don't show any improvement it really doesn't matter.

    Define "improvement". I don't know any MMORPG that's currently released that doesn't get the same complaints of P2W , Lack of communication , Horrible company history etc. Was the removal of Lumi stones , and meret revives not player concerns? Did Nexon just do that for their own greedy benefit?